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Rachael Harris Interview - The MacGuffin

Spencer Fornaciari of The MacGuffin interviews Rachael Harris, star of Natural Selection, which screened at SIFF. tags: CinemaComcastDiaryDiary of a Wimpy KidFilmFunny or DieFunny_or_Die

Richard Dawkins: Saddles and Domes: Evolution of the Giant Tortoises

Richard Dawkins explains how and why the Giant Tortoises of Galapagos evolved on each of the different islands. He shows how the different ... tags: Biology Charles Darwin Evolution Giant Tortoises Natural Selection Reason Science

Richard Dawkins: Insurance Policy: Two Eggs, One Survivor

Richard Dawkins explains the related egg-laying habits of Nazca Boobies, Blue Footed Boobies and Gannetts. These evolved adaptations may ... tags: Biology Egg laying Evolution Galapagos Islands Gannetts Natural Selection Nazca Boobies

Richard Dawkins: Distribution of Life: The Iguanas of Galápagos

Richard Dawkins explains how the distribution of life on Earth's continents and islands is exactly as we should expect if life evolved, and ... tags: Biology Evolution Galapagos Islands Galpagos Islands Iguanas Island Evolution Land Iguanas

Richard Dawkins: Vestigial Organs: The Wings of the Flightless Cormorant

Richard Dawkins explains how vestigial organs like the stubby wings of the Flightless Cormorant were one of Darwin's key arguments for ... tags: Biology birds that cant fly Drying Wings Evolution Flightless Cormorants Galapagos Islands Natural Selection

Richard Dawkins: Why are there still Chimpanzees? - Nebraska Vignettes #2

Richard Dawkins clears up the misunderstanding of Evolution that is all too common If we descended from Chimpanzees, then why are there ... tags: African apes Biology Bonobos Chimpanzee evolution Chimpanzees Common ancestor Common descent

Batman: Arkham City - Riddler's Revenge: Ranked Challenge "Natural Selection"

Check out these related Mahalo Video Game Walkthroughs Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Driver San Francisco ... tags: arkham city arkham city riddler revenge natural selection playstation 3 ps3 riddlers revenge xbox 360

In Time "Natural Selection" Movie Clip Official 2011 [HD] - Justin Timberlake

Watch In Time Trailer - Click to Subscribe - Become a Fan - Follow Us In Time hits theaters on ... tags: 2011 film release action Alex Pettyfer Amanda Seyfried Cillian Murphy drama Elena Satine

Metamorphosis and Natural Selection featuring biologist Dr. Ann Gauger

Biologist Ann Gauger discusses the challenge posed to Darwinian natural selection by the process of metamorphosis found in butterflies and ... tags: beauty butterflies darwin darwinism discovery institute evolution intelligent design

A geologist paints Darwin

Emory geologist Woody Hickcox paints a mural of Charles Darwin during a night at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The mural is part ... tags: art and evolution Darwin exhibit Darwin has a posse Darwin mural Darwin portrait Emory University Fernbank Museum

Snowy Egret Sacrifice

In a cruel Darwinian struggle, baby egrets see who will stay in the nest, and who will be sacrificed to the alligator waiting below. tags: alligator blood chick Darwinism death eat egrets