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Karzai Accuses U.S. Of Cutting Afghan Military Supplies In Security Row

Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his national security council have accused the United States of cutting military supplies, including ... tags: Bilateral_Security_AgreementBoy_Scouts_of_AmericaLoya_JirgaMark_Potternational_security_councilPolitics_of_AfghanistanUnited_States

Death of Gadaffi Nato's Plot ; Min. Farrakhan "Speaks"

We thank Cliff Kelly and WVON for having our ter on this great show to present views that don't get the coverage that is desereved. It's up ... tags: america american barack cars church Cl Death (metal Band)

Leaked Memo on Citizen Execution Without Trial

The NY Times reported on a secret Obama Administration memo making the legal case that a US citizen could be executed without a trial in ... tags: 9/11Attacks Al-awlaki Al-awlakialqaeda Al-awlakidrone alqaeda anwaral-Awlaki anwaral-awlakikilled

Al Jazeera Nails Donald Rumsfeld

Former Defense Secretary under former President Bush Donald Rumsfeld took part in a contentious interview with Al Jazeera regarding the ... tags: Al-jazeeraaljazeerabushiraqbushrumsfeldcenkuygurdonaldrumsfeldaljazeerairaqtroops

Executing Citizens Up To NSC Panel

Terrorist suspect Anwar al-Awlaki was killed by a US drone strike. Some are questioning if he should have been killed with no trial and ... tags: 9/11AttacksAl-awlakiAl-awlakialqaedaAl-awlakidronealqaedaanwaral-Awlakianwaral-awlakikilled

John Prendergast – The Moment That Enough Is Enough

John Prendergast is an author and human rights activist who has worked for peace in Africa for over 25 years. He is the co-founder of the ... tags: AfricaAuthorsbestsellerbigbrothercrimes_against_humanitydon_cheadle

US and China start war of words with Google

The US has taken up Google's fight with China over censorship. Is this an overture in an ill-advised attack on the increasingly important ... tags: censorshipchinacyberarmygooglehackersHillary_clintoninternet_freedom