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Boeing machinists narrowly approve crucial labor contract

With a narrow vote of 51 percent, Boeing machinists approved a labor contract on Friday to build the new 777X jetliner and its wings in the ... tags: builtcenturycompanyscontractcrucialforjetliner

U.S. brands China's behavior in South China Sea ship encounter 'irresponsible'

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION China's behavior in a narrowly averted naval collision in the South China Sea was both 'unhelpful' and ... tags: andChinascollisionCutirresponsiblenarrationnarrowly

Abdulla Yameen elected President of Maldives

The Maldives elects Abdulla Yameen as president. He narrowly defeated the favorite, Mohamed Nasheed -- the Maldives' first democratically ... tags: ballotelectedelectionendnarrowlypoliticaltwo

Guy narrowly escapes shark attack _ lol

Guy narrowly escapes shark attack _ lol

Woman narrowly escapes death in truck-bike collision

A woman narrowly escaped death in a traffic accident after a running truck smashed her electric bicycle in Ningbo City, east China's ... tags: collisiondeathescapeescapesexperienceluckymiracles

Maduro narrowly wins Venezuela's presidential poll

There have been wild celebrations across the Venezuelan capital Caracas following Nicolas Maduro's victory in the presidential ... tags: ElectionelectionseuronewsMaduronarrowlyNicolásPresidential

Greek parliament narrowly approves controversial job...

Thousands of Greek workers chanted anti-austerity slogans outside the country's parliament as inside lawmakers passed a controversial ... tags: approveseconomyeuronewsGreeceGreekjobnarrowly

Eurozone narrowly misses double dip recession

The eurozone avoided recession in the early part of this year, but only just, and that was thanks to growth of 0.5 percent in Germany from ... tags: dipdoubleeconomyeuronewsEuropeEurozoneGrowth

Tight squeeze for space shuttle on LA streets

The space shuttle Endeavour squeezes past a building as it rolls through the streets of Los Angeles. On its 12-mile 19-km journey to the ... tags: forLosmissnarrowlynumberretiredSarah

Cololmbian workers rescued after being buried in mud

ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION Two men survived 20 underground after they were buried in a mudslide while working on a pipeline in Cali, ... tags: afteralivebeingCololmbianCutmudslidenarration

Obama arrives in Hawaii after 'fiscal cliff' deal

After lawmakers narrowly reached a fiscal cliff deal - U.S. President Barack Obama arrives back in Hawaii - to resume his family vacation. ... tags: andarrivescommutersdealfamilynarrowlyreached

Briton tells how he escaped Algerian Islamists

Tony Grisedale is in Britain, safe and sound, after spending two days in hiding following a deadly Islamist attack on an Algerian gas plant ... tags: AlgeriangasGrayhostage-takinghowIslamistslow