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Golden Goal - Elektrosjokkfotball (Electroshock football/soccer with English subs!)

FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES - PRESS THE CC-BUTTON IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNERJohan Golden og Henrik Elvestad tester hvordan elektriske stt ... tags: AjaxAndrBakkeBenficaBergdlmoBlackburnBlackburn Rovers F.C.

Widow Maker - Hog Killin' Time

2006 Will White SOCAN Lyrics Fatten up pig, fatten up now Don't you be mistaken Come a hard frost hog killin' time good sausage ham and ... tags: albertabluegrassbyroncalgarycanadacraigdale

Widow Maker - Please Don't Say That You Love Me Again

2006 Will White SOCAN Lyrics Please don't say that you love me again Lord I tried and tried and tried to be your friend But now I can see ... tags: albertabluegrassbyroncalgarycanadacraigdale

Widow Maker - She Should Know

2006 Will White Craig Korth SOCAN Lyrics She should know lord better than to love me She should know I would never be true She should know ... tags: bluegrassbyroncalgarycraigdalejuliekerr

Widow Maker - Jesus Paid My Bail

2006 Will White Craig Korth SOCAN Lyrics I'm free 'cause Jesus paid my bail He paid the price he set me free from Satan's jail Fall down ... tags: bailbluegrassbyroncalgarycraigdalejesus

Widow Maker - Deal Breaker Baby

2006 Will White SOCAN Lyrics Well hey there woman whatcha doin' to me You got yourself another fella dontcha think that I can see That's a ... tags: babybluegrassbreakerbyroncalgarycraigdale

Widow Maker - I Fear My Brothers Have Forsaken Me

2006 Will White SOCAN Lyrics I've seen a lot in my time I've seen the kind of things would trouble your mind Mem'ries that won't let me be ... tags: bluegrassbrothersbyroncalgarycraigdalefear

Widow Maker - The River

Unfortunately it got cut off part way through... sorry 2007 Will White SOCAN Lyrics I'm goin' down into that river Try to wash my sins ... tags: bluegrassbyroncalgarycraigdalejuliekerr

Widow Maker - Run Chicken Run

2007 Will White SOCAN Lyrics Well the rooster crows at the break of day Run chicken run Tell me why has a man gotta work that way Fry ... tags: bluegrassbyroncalgarychickencraigdalejulie