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Contentious Local Politician - Is multiculturalism at an end? | People

Heinz Buschkowsky is a poassionate left-wing politician and the mayor of the Berlin district of Neuklln, which has a large immigrant ... tags: Berlin_district_of_Neuköllncontroversial_bookdeutsche_welleheinz_buschkowskyimmigrantintegration_workmayor

A Coeur Ouvert (Heart on the Sleeve) - Trailer

This French movie is about racism and difficulties that two people from different nationalities have, when they fall in love especially ...

Immigration Forum 29 Oct 2013 Launch of Next Five Faces

The Next Five Faces launch by the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association

Riz Khan - Multiculturalism in Europe

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, recently warned that multiculturalism was failing in her country. Other parts of Europe are also ... tags: aljazeeraanti-foreignerEuropeGermanyimmigrantsKhanmulticulturalism

Rock and Hard Liquor in a Church

Increasing secularization has led to a growing number of church buildings in the Netherlands falling out of use. In order to prevent these ... tags: AmsterdamandbuildingEindhovenmosquemulticulturalismNetherlands

Quebec Lawmakers Ban Sikhs' Ceremonial Daggers in Assembly

Parti Qubcois has requested that the government prevent Sikhs from carrying their ceremonial daggers into the national assembly building, ... tags: assemblyMontrealmulticulturalismnationalorganizationreligioustension

Political Wrangling Leads to Stagnation in Kosovo

Kosovo declared independence in 2008, but its problems are far from over. Serbia refuses to recognize the new republic. The town of Strpce ... tags: AlbaniaethnicityindependencekosovomulticulturalismSerbiastrpce

European backlash over multiculturalism

As European leaders denounce policies of multiculturalism, immigrants are finding the EU an increasingly unwelcoming place. Powered by ... tags: BacklashEuropeanmulticulturalism

Russia must ensure success of multiculturalism – Medvedev

President Medvedev rejects the views of several Western leaders that multiculturalism has failed, and says Russia needs to accommodate all ... tags: Medvedevmulticulturalismrussiasuccess

Young Canadian Muslims Turn to the Arts to Explore Identity

Young Muslims in Canada have found creative outlets to help them deal with the challenges of integrating with Canadian society and working ... tags: arabmulticulturalism

Switzerland to deport immigrants with heavy crime record

Swiss voters have narrowly passed a controversial new law that will see foreigners deported if they're convicted of serious crimes. The ... tags: crimeEuropehumanimmigrationintolerancemigrantsmulticulturalism

'I am guilty of breaking ban on free speech' - convicted MP

Multiculturalism is costing Europe its right to free speech, says Danish MP Jesper Langballe, who was convicted for making an anti-Muslim ... tags: DenmarkfreedomhateJesperLangballemulticulturalismmultikulti