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Mubarak Videos - 3 by Popular

Mubarak public appearance in court

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appeared in public for the first time in nearly a year as he sat up in the prisoner cage of a Cairo ...

White House mum on new Egypt protests

With many Egyptians continuing to hold demonstrations against President Mohammad Morsi, Chip Reid reports that the White House is trying to ...

Egyptians protest president's new powers

Thousands of Egyptians are demonstrating after democratically-elected President Mohammad Morsi recently granted himself sweeping authority ...

Where the revolution began | Journal Reporters

Birgitta Schlke und Khalid El Kaoutit experience the anger of Egyptians in the run-up to the electionsWe go back to where the Egyptian ...

Egyptian protesters call for million-man march

Activists in Cairo have called for a million-man march to demand democratic reform. Elizabeth Palmer reports on the latest of the unrest in ...

Police, protesters continue to clash in Cairo

For the sixth straight day, Egyptian police clashed with protesters. Elizabeth Palmer reports at least 2,000 protesters have been wounded.

Protests continue in Egypt as students flee

Egyptians continue to protest as three American students exit the country after being arrested for allegedly throwing fire bombs. Elizabeth ...

Egyptians vote in first election since Mubarak

Millions of Egyptians are voting in the first election since longtime President Hosni Mubarak was ousted. Elizabeth Palmer reports on the ...

Egyptians prepare for post-Mubarak elections

The first elections will be held in Egypt since the ousting of longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak. Elizabeth Palmer reports on the historic ...

Pessimism amid Egypt election

In Egypt, voters will soon choose their first freely elected president. But as Elizabeth Palmer reports, some Egyptians are pessimistic ...

Egypt's elections: "Potentially worrisome" (Analysis)

CBS News senior national security analyst Juan Zarate and national security correspondent Bob Orr's analysis on recent votes in Egypt ...

Egypt holds historic elections with record turnout

The turnout is overwhelming in Egypt's first free presidential election, more than a year after protests forced longtime president Hosni ...