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North Koreans pay respects at Kim Jong Il's funeral

Tens of thousands of North Koreans, including the military, stood in freezing weather for the funeral and motorcade of dictator Kim Jong ...

Remembering the 1963 JFK assassination

November 22nd marks 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Charlie Rose takes a look back at the day that changed ...

Ambulance in Obama's Motorcade Runs Out of Fuel

Recently, a fire department ambulance ran out of gas at the worst possible time. The vehicle, commonly referred to as Medic 1 was trailing ... tags: ambulancefuelgasmotorcadenooutruns

Syria denies claims of rebel attack on Assad motorcade...

Syria has denied opposition claims that President al-Assad's motorcade was hit by rebel rocket fire as he travelled to a mosque in ... tags: AmnestyAssadattackclaimsdenieseuronewsInternational

President Barack Obama Motorcade in W 53 Street in New York City

President Barack Obama Motorcade drove through W 53 Street in New York City and hundreds of supporters gathered to catch a glimpse of the ... tags: 53BarackMotorcadeNewObamaPresidentStreet

Motorcade bombing targets Yemen official

Smoke rises after a deadly bomb ripped through the motorcade of Yemen's defence minister in the capital Sanaa. Major General Muhammad Nasir ... tags: attackdefenceescapesGrayJessicaleastMotorcade

NH: Open carry 30 feet from Obama

Sponsor - NH Open carrier 30 feet from Obama. This clip is part of a playlist series. Watch the series in sequence by ... tags: amendment barack carry guns holsters motorcade obama

Minister Louis Farrakhan Arrives at Prairie View A&M University - Nov 9, 2011

Minister Farrakhan's motorcade arrives at Prairie View University on November 9, 2011 video taken from tags: 770 Ahmad Farrakhan Islam Louis Motorcade Nation

President Obama Invades Hollywood

President Obama landed in Hollywood for some high profile fundraisers -- and in the process put countless Los Angelinos smack dab in the ... tags: barack obama brentwood car fundraiser house of blues landing limo

Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Nearly fifty years out, conspiracy theorists continue to challenge official accounts of JFK's assassination. In this classic, famed ... tags: Action_and_Adventureassassinassassinatedassassinationauthorbookbugliosi

Why Would Oswald Assassinate JFK?

'Reclaiming History' author Vincent Bugliosi discusses what he believes may have been Lee Harvey Oswald's motive to assassinate President ... tags: Action_and_Adventureassassinassassinatedassassinationauthorbookbugliosi