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Exercice international : la guerre des mines se joue à Marseille

Volet portuaire et ctier de l'norme exercice Otan baptis Noble Mariner 2012 un entranement international la guerre des mines se droule ... tags: guerremarseillemines

Télézapping : "Viva Chile !"

Revue de presse quotidienne des JT de la mi-journe. Images TF1France 2France 3LCIBFM-TViTlRalisation Le tags: chililemonde.frlemondefrlibérésminesmineurstélé

Global 3000 | Deploying Rats to Detect Landmines

Ten years ago the Ottawa Treaty on the prohibition of anti-personnel mines came into force. Although it has since been signed and ratified ... tags: 3000africaclimateCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

European Journal | Ukraine - Miners,but no Paydirt

The coal mines in eastern Ukraine are among the worlds most dangerous mines. The kilometer-deep shafts are full of poisonous,explosive ... tags: coalcrisisdangerousDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEuropa

European Journal | Croatia - Living in a Minefield

The Balkan conflict has been over for 14 years,but Croatia is still struggling with its legacy. There are around two million still buried ... tags: BalkanBrusselconflictCroatiaDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Video of the day | Living in a minefield

The Balkan conflict has been over for 14 years,but it's estimated that 2 million mines remain buried in northeastern in Croatia. The ... tags: BalkanBrusselconflictCroatiaDayDeutscheDeutschland

Hauled over the coals | Video of the day

The European Commission has the EUs coal mines in its sights. It wants to close all unprofitable collieries by 2014. And that could throw a ... tags: closecoalcollieriescollierydayDeutscheDeutschland

Romania: the old coal pits | European Journal

During the Ceausescu era, tens of thousands were employed in the Jiu mines. Most were unskilled workers from other parts of the country. ... tags: bucharestceausescudeutsche_welleeuropean_journalminespoverty

UNESCO : le bassin minier a déposé sa candidature

Le bassin minier retient son souffle. Le comit de l'UNESCO, runi Saint-Petersbourg, tudie sa candidature au patrimoine mondial. Toute ... tags: Actualitésbassin_miniergueules_noiresHistoires_en_nordminesmineurssaint_petersbourg

Illegal mines eradicated in Peru

Equipment at an illegal gold mine near Lake Titicaca in Peru is blown sky high. It's part of an effort by authorities there to eradicate ... tags: areeradicatedfromIllegalJulieminesNoce

Tomb Raider Anniversary [12] Les Mines de Natla

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Partie 12 Les Mines de Natla 4e monde 12 niveau

Frédéric JUGLARET - Indicateurs et prévention des risques

Frdric JUGLARET, Ingnieur en conception et dveloppement chez PREVENTEO et ancien doctorant au CRC - MINES ParisTech, nous parle des ...