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French troops start to disarm militias in Central African Republic

French troops have traded fire with rebels in the Central African Republic who have refused to lay down their weapons.It is reported many ... tags: AfricanArmed_conflictsCentralCentral_African_RepublicdisarmFrenchmilitias

Citizens Fighting Crime in Mexico | Journal Reporters

People all over Mexico say the police are failing to come to grips with the country's crime problem. many of these people have banded ... tags: crime_journal_reporterdeutsche_wellegangsmexicomilitiasvigilantes

Efforts continue to clear Yarmouk of militants

This is al-Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. Thousands of civilians left the camp in 2012 when foreign backed militants ... tags: ClearMiddle_EastMilitiasSyriaYermouk

Security official survives bomb attack in Libya

The top security official in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi survives a car bomb attack Monday -- but the attack killed one of his guards. ... tags: amidbeginBenghazibombLibyamilitiasofficial

Libya: warring militias bring battle to streets of Tripoli

There have been more battles between rival militias in Libyas capital Tripoli.The latest violence on Thursday evening followed the death of ...

Libya security may have been 'executed' by militias

There may have been retribution from the militias driven out of this Benghazi compound, with a doctor claiming six members of Libya's ... tags: beenCrisiseuronewsexecutedhaveLibyamay

Libyan official pledges to dissolve militias after mass...

The head of Libya's national congress has vowed to dissolve the country's militias, in the wake of demonstrations against them. Mohammed ... tags: afterCrisisdissolveeuronewsLibyanmassmilitias

Afghan villages form local militias

War-weary villagers in the northern province of Kunduz in Afghanistan have been left to battle the Taliban alone.In villages across Kunduz ... tags: afghanistanaljazeeraasianewschaterdavidjazeerakunduz

Earthrise - On Patrol

DR Congo's Virunga Park Rangers have to act in order to safeguard the forests from illegal logging and deforestation, and cut off militia ... tags: AnimalsCongoDREarthrisemilitiasNationalPark

Al Jazeera English broadcasts live from inside Libya

Hoda Abdel Hamid reports from the city of Tobruk, around 140km west of the border with Egypt. Egyptians on the road fleeing Libya told her ... tags: baidabenghaziborderegyptlibyamercenariesmilitias

Amnesty: Libyan Militias Out of Control

Armed militia groups in Libya have turned on one another and now rule most of the country, torturing their opponents with impunity, Amnesty ... tags: councilGadhafigovernmentlibyalibyanmilitiasMoammar