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XBLRadio Mid-Week Update #2 - PAX, XBL & PSN Marketplace, Contests & Annoucements

WithTopics IncludePlatform Nation PAX 08 Going Let us know in the PN ForumsWhats new on XBL and PSN MarketplaceContests Win 1 Year of ... tags: contactContact_UsdlcgadgetsgameGames_HobbiesGame_Releases

EPISODE16 - Monsters of the Midweek - Season Finale

Well the 2007 college football season nears its end and for the Monsters crew, the moment is bittersweet. The recent death of Lil Jim ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE 15 - Monsters of the Midweek

Well the regular season is over and now the post-season kicks in. In our first post-season show, the boys will pick the minor bowls, since ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE 14 - Monsters of the Midweek

It's conference championship weekend with the boys, as they preview the Big 12, SEC and ACC championship games, along with a couple other ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE 13 - Monsters of the Midweek

A special Tuesday show in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Johnny spends 30 detailing everything he plans to eat on Thursday, while Lil ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE 12 - Monsters of the Midweek

Johnny and Larry answer the age old question. If Mike Leach craps in a forest and nobody steps in it, does it make a smell Meanwhile Lil ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE11 - Monsters of the Midweek

Join Larry, Lil Jim, the Chief and Stormy for the week's games. Johnny Crisco is currently suspended for demeaning comments made in the ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE 9 - Monsters of the Midweek

Pure fun and excitement with the Monsters crew. Chief and Stormy get into a debate over how the weather impacted Native Americans during ... tags: college_footballfootballLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsterspick_emPregame

EPISODE 8 - Monsters of the Midweek

Stormy reveals his secret life as a member of a capella superstars The Monotones, while the Chief does a war dance and casts an evil spell ... tags: college footballcollege_footballfootballLee CorsoLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsters

EPISODE 7 - Monsters of the Midweek

Johnny and Larry promise not to gay it up any more than they did last week, while the Chief and Stormy debate whether Bud Light or ... tags: college footballcollege_footballfootballLee CorsoLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsters

EPISODE6 - Monsters of the Midweek

Our October Top 10 rankings are out. Crisco is sizzling with his picks, while Bowden is stinking like an Indian on the 4th week of the ... tags: college footballcollege_footballfootballLee CorsoLee_CorsoMIDWEEKmonsters