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Guilty Geek Pleasures: From Big Bang Theory to Twilight - io9: We Come From the Future

Annalee and Esther confess their guilty pleasures, the things they are completely embarrassed to admit that they love. Like bad vampire ... tags: arrowbangbarbiggreenmicrowavingof

Microwaving My New Nintendo 3DS Right Out Of The Box

Buy The NintendaSlug 3D on Ebay to dOvetastic Microwave Theater. Today your professional microwave operator will be microwaving his new ... tags: 110003DSartartistartworkavamball

Microwaving My New iPHONE 4 In HD Wide Screen

This episode can also be seen on my Bragster site eyePHONE 5G artwork is available to bid on no reserve on Ebay Microwave Theater has ... tags: 3gs4thappleartartistavamBanging

Microwaving an empty jar with aluminum foil and a heatsink inside it for 4 minutes

\n\nThis is very unusual microwaving indeed.I don't usually do this at all, so enjoy PS. Bottle got fuckedup By rootbrian\n\n Tags 2, ... tags: 20082009alternativealuminumanimationanimeapple

YouTube (GoogleTube) is masking views! Partners lose revenue, channels lose views! MIRROR THIS ...

\n\nNOTE Please remember to link back to this video as to provide recognition as I was the first one to address this issue as a video and ... tags: activismaffectaffectsandroidartartistartists