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Cara Delevingne Talks Body Insecurities: "I'd Like To Be Curvier"

Cara Delevingne may be the model of the moment, but like any girl, she's not always happy when she looks in the mirror. During a photo ... tags: Amanda_KnoxCara_DelevingneDaniel_BrühlEntertainmentMichael_Winterbottom

Kate Beckinsale Cast In Amanda Knox Inspired Film

Kate Beckinsale has just signed on for a ripped-from-the-headlines new movie. And if your wondering what headline, here's your clue Amanda ...

Kate Beckinsale Cast In Amanda Knox-inspired Movie

Kate Beckinsale has just signed on for a ripped-from-the-headlines new movie. According to Deadline, the actress will star opposite model ...

A Devil's Bargain

The Claim 2000 - A Devil's Bargain - A young Dillon Barry Ward sells his wife and child to a gold miner for his claim. tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

Dillon's Town

The Claim 2000 - Dillon's Town - Dalglish Wes Bentley and his entourage arrive at Kingdom Come and have their weapons confiscated in order ... tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

Dillon and Lucia

The Claim 2000 - Dillon and Lucia - Dillon Peter Mullan and Lucia Milla Jovovich joke around intimately. tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

A Dying Wish

The Claim 2000 - A Dying Wish - After Dillon Peter Mullan sells her to a miner in exchange for a claim, his wife Elena Nastassja Kinski ... tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

Train Ride

The Claim 2000 - Train Ride - Dalglish Wes Bentley rides the Central Pacific train through the mountains. tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

Surveying the Mountain

The Claim 2000 - Surveying the Mountain - Dalglish Wes Bentley brings Hope Sarah Polley with him as he surveys the mountain for a possible ... tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

Fire in Kingdom Come

The Claim 2000 - Fire in Kingdom Come - On Francis Julian Richings and Annie8217s Shirley Henderson wedding day, Dillon Peter Mullan sets ... tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

Moving the House

The Claim 2000 - Moving the House - Sweetley Sean McGinley leads a team of men and horses as they pull a house through the wilderness. tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser

The Claim - Trailer #1

The Claim 2000 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Peter Mullan, Wes Bentley, Julian Richings, Sean McGinley, Randy ... tags: AnnieArtur_CiastkowskiBarry_WardDaniel_DillonDelanyDonald_DalglishDuncan_Fraser