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NASA Records UFOs - Wants this video banned

This is an older video in which it appears NASA records some UFOs. Some people have suggested that NASA wants this video destroyed. Some ... tags: AliensCover_upsExtraterrestrial_lifeMIBNASARoswell_UFO_incidentspacecraft

FBI Memo about UFOs is #1 looked at file

On March 24, 2013, the FBI released a statement indicating that the UFO story is the single most famous document in their records released ... tags: AliensCover_upFBIlightsMIBNASASpacecraft

The Crypto Crew - Zandra Campbell Interview about UFO

The Crypto Crew Interview Series. In this interview Zandra Campbell tells about her mothers UFO sighting on 1/02/2012. They managed to take ... tags: AliensCover_upExtraterrestrial_lifeMIBMutual_UFO_NetworkRoswellSpacecraft

Unidentified Lights Over New York

A video was posted on youtube by Diana Navarro of some unidentified lights over New York she filmed. I have tried to enhance the video, ... tags: aliensDiana_NavarroLightsMIBNew_YorkSpacecraftstrange

The Best UFO Photos - Do you believe?

This is a collection of ufo,alien and crop circle photos. Some of them may be faked or hoaxed but if only one of them is real then it ... tags: aliensCover_upCraftcrop_circleslightsMIBoutter_space

The real MIB breakdown

The original source of this video is from the Aerial Phenomen Investigations Team in MD. For complete details about this incident contact ... tags: alienscaught_on_cameracover_upMIBRoswellUFOweird

Seattle UFO

This is a photo that is floating around on the internet of a possible UFO over Seattle. I have taken a closer look at it. Thanks tags: AliensBreakdownCover_upcraftdiscMIBspace

Alien interview enhanced

This is reportedly a real alien interview. As the story goes the video was smuggled out of area 51 by a man called 'Victor'. This video is ... tags: alienCovercraftDiscMIBRoswellUFO

MIB: Alien Crisis - Escaping MIB Gameplay Video

A player bubbles up agents while escaping MIB headquarters.

MIB: Alien Crisis - Street Battle Gameplay Video

A full scale alien invasion ensues.

MIB: Alien Crisis - Art Thief Meets Aliens Gameplay Video

An art thief has a run in with aliens and MIB.