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NASA illustrates Gale Crater on Mars

An animated video from NASA shows the area on Mars where the Curiosity rover recently discovered evidence of an ancient lake. Narration by ... tags: aliensalien_lifeformsbuzzcuriositycuriosity_roverexplorationgovernment

China's moon rover footage released

Footage of China's Jade Rabbit rover landing on the moon has been released, along with the first photographs of the rover and lander. ... tags: ChinaitnitnnewsJade_rabbit_roverlunar_rovermars_roverrover_footage

Mars Rover Finds Traces of Ancient Life-Friendly Lake

The Curiosity Rover found evidence that supports the theory there once was an ancient lake on Mars capable of supporting life. tags: Gale_CraterLife_on_MarsMars_Ancient_LakeMars_LakeMars_Lake_Supports_LifeMars_RoverMars_Rover_Curiosity

NASA to send new MAVEN space craft to Mars

NASA is preparing to launch its new MAVEN space craft to explore the atmosphere of Mars. Report by Johnstons. Like us on Facebook at and ...

Google might be chatting with WhatsApp

Google may be in talks to buy messenger app WhatsApp, the next Xbox could be revealed in May, and the smart-wrist revolution continues with ...


Ein Stargast der besonderen Art beehrt Mnchen. Der Mars-Rover 'Curiosity' wurde direkt von der Weltraumagentur NASA nach Deutschland ... tags: BayernCuriosityDeutschlandlandeshauptstadtMars-RoverMünchenNASA

Mission To Mars: Would You Sign Up For A One-Way Ticket?

HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria examines the risks and benefits of traveling to the red planet. tags: cara_santa_mariacuriosityKnowledge_ScienceMarsmars_500mars_missionmars_rover

Nasa Searches For Life Clues on Mars

An unmanned Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Saturday November 26, launching a 2.5 billion US ... tags: forlifemarsmars_curiositymars_rovermars_science_laboratorynasa_mars_rover

Rover Starts Epic Journey to Mars

Nasa has launched its most ambitious rover mission to Mars - starring a 900kg robot that will look to find out whether the planet is, or ... tags: 900kg900kg_mars_roverambitiousbbc_newsBBC_Worldwidejourneylaunched

Will Curiosity Kill the Rover? NASA Preps For Mars Mission

NASA latest Mars rover, named 'Curiosity,' is equipped with a built-in laboratory, which will allow it to test for evidence of life on Mars. tags: curiositycuriosity_marsmarsmars_launchmars_launch_saturdaymars_missionmars_rover