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Aikiwowo -- MUM Drum Circle: Drumming from Within

02/15/12 Aikiwowo is a traditional Nigerian song and rhythm. Watch for the captivating solo on shekere by Janet McDonald. This ... tags: AfricanAkiwowoArtsawarenessCirclecollegeconscious

Nyabinghi -- MUM Drum Circle: Drumming from Within

02/15/12 This piece features polyrhythms on djembe and other west African drums. Enjoy the powerful didgeridoo introduction and djembe ... tags: AfricanArtsawarenesscollegeconsciousConsciousness-BasedCreative

Yankadi -- MUM Drum Circle: Drumming from Within

02/15/12 This song is called Aye Loo Aye Kudabla from Ghana and Togo, with participation from the audience -- singing and eventually ... tags: AfricanArtsawarenessAyecollegeconsciousConsciousness-Based

Music and Consciousness: a symposium at Maharishi University

02/15/12 What is consciousness What does that have to do with music These questions were explored at Maharishi University's Music and ... tags: AnnawarenesscollegeconsciousnessdimensionEdeducation

Drumming from Within: Drum Circle at Maharishi University

02/15/12 This video shows clips from the final performance that was part of a Creative Musical Arts class focusing on ensemble playing ... tags: AfricanaikiwowoawarenessCirclecollegeconsciousnessdimension

Integration of Consciousness and the Musical Voice -- Ann Mortifee at MUM

01/06/12 'For me, consciousness and the human voice are meant to be one.' Ann Mortifee -- eenowned singer, poet author, and teacher -- ... tags: AnnArtawarenessbodycollegeconsciousnesscreativity

Consciousness and the Musical Direction of the 21st Century -- Ed Sarath at MUM

01/06/12 'As our creativity and consciousness expand, we start to see the deeper layers, the connections.' Musician, author, and ... tags: ArtawarenesscollegecreativityEdeducationflugelhorn

Performance as a Spiritual Practice -- Eugene Watts at MUM

01/06/12 'When you stand in front of an audience, something changes....' Eugene Watts was a founding member of the celebrated Canadian ... tags: ArtaudienceawarenessBrassCanadiancollegeconsciousness

Developing the Inner Dimension of Music -- Isabelle Matzkin at MUM

01/06/12 'The source of music and creativity -- the inner quality of music -- is transcendental. It's infinite, it's holistic, and it is ... tags: ArtawarenesscollegeConsciousness-Basedcreativitydimensioneducation

Improvisation: The Ultimate Art of Self-Expression -- Paul Horn at MUM

01/06/12 'Everything is vibration, everything is sound....' Paul Horn, the 'Father of New Age Music,' has recorded 50 albums and was ... tags: ageareArtawarenesscollegecreativityeducation