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Kaleid liner Prisma Illya Episode 05 VOSTFR

Episode 5 Il y a deux options... tags: dybexMagical_girl

(Sub) I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore

Madoka and Sayaka are getting used to Mami's witch hunting trial run. Yet their wishes remain undecided. Mami reveals her past to the ... tags: Animationanimeaniplexcontractepisode_3homurakyubey

(Sub) Yes, When I Strip Down, You'll Be Amazed

A mysterious madman from Eu's past terrorizes her new friends. Will the necromancer give in to his demands, or will she stubbornly watch ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) No, That Will Explode

Ayumu, Haruna, and Sera desperately search for Eu, but an evil zombie from the necromancer's past is willing to kill to keep her by his ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) That Would Be Truly Wonderful

While rescuing Kyubey from being attacked by Homura, Madoka and Sayaka lose their way in a mysterious space. They find themselves in a ... tags: Animationanimeaniplexcontractepisode_2homurakyoko

(Sub) Hey, Which Middle School Are You At?

Ayumu's exams are interrupted by a rampaging demon-horse and the arrival of a killer-soup wielding vampire ninja If the poor boy can ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) Heh, I'm a Schoolyard Wife

Yuki must learn to like her new husband, Haruna can't decide whether she wants to kiss - or kill - Ayumu, and the Necromancer disappears ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) Yeah, That's Kyoto Tofu

Ayumu's romantic rendezvous takes a deadly turn when his dream girl turns out to be a demonic serial killer. It's a good thing zombie boy ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) Yes, I Summon Death

Eu, the most powerful necromancer in existence, slips into a pretty pink dress and picks up the most darling little chainsaw as she ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) I First Met Her in a Dream... or Something.

She has a loving family and best friends. She laughs and cries. Madoka Kaname - an eighth grader who lives such a peaceful life. One night, ... tags: Animationanimeaniplexcontractepisode_1homurakyubey

(Sub) Yes, I'm a Magical Garment Girl

Ayumu is a boy with a problem. He's dead. Well, actually he's a zombie, and he's about to be chopped in half by a magical girl in pink ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu

(Sub) No, It's a Vampire Ninja

Dinner time is rudely interrupted by a mysterious female with an insatiable hunger for miso soup. Apparently, there is a war raging in the ... tags: animationanimeayumuchainsawdesudobermaneu