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News: SimCity Offline Mode is Officially Confirmed

After months of silence, Maxis has officially confirmed that SimCity will be getting an offline mode very soon. tags: breaking-newsfeaturegamesign-newsmacintoshnewsoffline

SimCity: Are Offline Play and Mods Too Little, Too Late?

Lots of the stuff fans wanted is coming to SimCity, but does anyone still care IGN's SimCity experts discuss. tags: featuregamesmacintoshpcsimcity

The Best Craft Achievements of 2013 - IGN's Best of 2013

Games in 2013 were full of amazing art and remarkable innovation. From sight to sound to gameplay - here is who did it best. tags: device-6featuregamesgone-homeiphonelinuxmacintosh

Rust: Insane 100-Story Tall Tower Stretching Into Space - IGN Plays

As the sun goes down in Rust, IGN explores an incredible encampment and ventures into the night. tags: gameplaygameslinuxmacintoshpcrust

Left 4 Dead Creators Turtle Rock Unveil Evolve

The creators of Left 4 Dead have officially revealed the first information on their new project, Evolve. tags: breaking-newsevolvefeaturegamesignign-newsleft-4-dead

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure - 12 Days of Tex-Mas Trailer

Count down the reasons to look forward to the return of adventure gaming sleuth Tex Murphy in this Christmas-themed trailer for Tesla ... tags: gamesmacintoshpctesla-effect-a-tex-murphy-adventuretrailer

Snowdown Showdown Mode Teaser - League of Legends

The temporary new mode includes 1v1 and 2v2 duels on the Howling Abyss map. tags: gamesleague-of-legendsmacintoshnonepc

Let's Compare ( Arkanoid )

Arcade 055 Apple 2 255 Thomson MO5 453 Amstrad 629 ZX Spectrum 828 BBC Micro 1028 Commodore 64 1211 Atari 8bit / 800 / XE/XL 1411 Atari ... tags: Amigaapple_2arcadearkanoidAtari_STcompareLets

Top New: les plus grandes innovations des années 80

Cette semaine le top New revient sur les plus grandes innovations des annes 80. tags: jeuxmacintoshmotorolanamconokiapacmansteve_jobs

The First 6 Minutes of Republique

Dive into the opening of this stealth action thriller. tags: gameplaygamesiphonemacintoshpcr233publique

10 Best Games of 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the nominees for 2013 Game of the Year tags: bioshock-infinitefeaturegamesgone-homegrand-theft-auto-vlinuxmacintosh