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Peter Wolf Crier at Little Veselka - 06.16.2010

Though they're a bit more accustomed to green fields, cool lakes, and the shaded cover of the North Woods, Minnesotan duo Peter Wolf Crier ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

Kate Miller Heidke at The Guest Apartment - 07.15.2010

Australian songwriter Kate Miller Heidke investigates a variety of moods and emotions in this curious segment of The Guest Apartment. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musicKate_Miller_Heidkelive_bandslive_music

The Moment: Bonnaroo at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival - 06.10.2010

Reuben Metzler focuses his lens on an epic concert experience, embarking on a pilgrimage from NYC to Manchester Tennessee to capture a ... tags: BonnarooBonnaroo_Music_and_Arts_Festivalfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bands

An Interview with Bear Hands

Bear Hands give you the scoop on their debut LP, as well as provide insight into the perils of being in a band in this interview with the ... tags: An_Interview_with_Bear_Handsfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

An Interview with Sara Bareilles

Los Angeles Songwriter Sara Bareilles takes some time before an intimate performance at Rockwood Music Hall to discuss some of the exciting ... tags: An_Interview_with_Sara_Bareillesfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

An Interview with Suckers

We knew Suckers offered some pretty strange vibes through the inventive psychedelic pop skirmishes they serve up on stage. We didnt expect ... tags: An_Interview_with_Suckersfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

Fran Healy at The Guest Apartment - 08.09.2010

Travis front man Fran Healy plays melodies new and old in this sundrenched session at the Creative Little Garden in New Yorks East Village. tags: Fran_Healyfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

An Interview with The Clientele

The Clientele's Alasdair Maclean discusses the natural roots of his band's latest album Bonfires of the Heath Merge in this entertaining ... tags: An_Interview_with_The_Clientelefree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

An Interview with The Heavy

Baeble sits down with one of the filthiest bands going in this exclusive look inside The Heavy, their sound, and their stunning new album, ... tags: An_Interview_with_The_Heavyfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

The Clientele at The Guest Apartment - 10.28.2009

The Clientele's Alasdair Maclean stirs a well timed, hypnotic daze with this delicate, three song performance of songs both new and old in ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

An Interview with Adam Green

Adam Green fled New York, placed himself somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, and recorded an album about romantic dysfunction. Here he talks ... tags: An_Interview_with_Adam_Greenfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts