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An Interview with Bridezilla

We also had the opportunity to have what was a very loose conversation with these beaming, youngsters. Detailing their love at first site ... tags: An_Interview_with_Bridezillafree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

Tim Williams at The Guest Apartment - 09.15.2009

Tim Williams previews songs from his forthcoming Careful Love LP in this heartfelt session at the Guest Apartment. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_musiclive_music_videos

Wild Beasts at The Mercury Lounge - 09.10.2009

England's Wild Beasts bring shape shifting melodies, dense textures, sophisticated compositions, sky-high falsettos, and libidinous lyrics ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

An Interview with Tim Williams

In addition to playing four songs from his upcoming Careful Love LP, Tim Williams, Matt Welsh, and Misty Boyce sit down with Baeble to ... tags: An_Interview_with_Tim_Williamsfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

Wavves at The Market Hotel - 09.25.2009

Wavves bring their slackadaisical, SoCal power punk to a mosh minded get together at Brooklyn's Market Hotel. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_musiclive_music_videos

Busdriver at The Mercury Lounge - 06.06.2009

Cutting the line between artist and audience, Busdriver breaks expectations of what your ordinary MC might rap about, inspiring a no ... tags: Busdriverfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Kaiser Cartel at Baeble's Guest Apartment - 07.06.2009

Kaiser Cartel pay a visit to our Guest Apartment, bringing both a chipper sort of outlook, and our perfectly sculpted tunes along with them. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musicKaiser_Cartellive_bandslive_concerts

Motel Motel at Baeble's Guest Apartment - 07.13.2009

Motel Motel transport you to their vintage, scratchy world with this distinctive performance at The Guest Apartment. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

Diane Birch at Baeble's Guest Apartment - 07.07.2009

With a deft flourish of piano keys and a trio of black-clad backup boys, Diane Birch appeared in our guest apartment and turned it into a ... tags: Diane_Birchfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

An Interview with Chali 2na

Unmistakable, deep voiced rapper Chali 2na stepped in our Baeble Guest Apartment for an exclusive interview, where he talked of his ... tags: An_Interview_with_Chali_2nafree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts