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Relief workers clear bodies and hand out supplies in Tacloban

A message for help in Filipino...but it's not for food or water. It's a plea to remove the decomposing bodies that litter the streets. ...

Ian Somerhalder Gets 8 Puppies!

Back in August, Ian Somerhalder was on The Vampire Diaries set when he saw a dog caught in traffic. The animal lover rescued the stray pup ...

Smokers Tossing Cigarette Butts in Illinois Will be Fined $1,500

Starting on January 1st 2014, anyone who flicks a butt out the window of a car or anywhere else on public property in Illinois will face a ...

Man Threatens to Kill Wife Over Kitty Litter: Police

A Florida man is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife during a fight ...

Trailer - Zownir Radical Man

ZOWNIR RADICAL MAN is the portrait of Miron Zownir, one of the most censored photographers, filmmakers and crime novelists of our ... tags: artdocumentarylittermironphotpgraphyportraitradical

Mixtape Comedy Show - Joe Matarese

Joe loves the old days when we enjoyed littering.From our monthly show in New York City.Website tags: comedydrivingjoelittermanmataresemcdonalds

Mr. Pigman Chases Latvian Litterbugs

A new Latvian celebrity, Mr. Pigman, spends days patrolling the forests and punishing those who acts like a hog, throwing litter all ... tags: garbageherolavtialittermrpigmansuper

OMG a GREEN Puppy!!!!

Our Great Dane had a litter of 2 puppies and one came out green Fittingly we named him Hulk tags: DaneDogsGreatgreenHulklitterpuppies

Mothers burden - adoption style

Cat carries around a litter of possums. tags: 04503babycatCatslitterpossums

Whats wrong with this picture?

Momma cat adopts a litter of puppies and lets them nurse. tags: 00220adoptscatCatsdogslittermomma

Mr. Pigman superhero trash vigilant in woods of Latvia

A legend on the trot, Mr. Pigman is the long-awaited answer to the Latvian State Forest's problem of illegal waste disposal. 'Just look at ... tags: BartonexamplegarbageLatvialitterpersonalpopular