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Couple Gets Married On Today Show At 9:10 On 11/12/13

In honor of the numerically relevant date that comes around but once in a lifetime, 11/12/13, New York couple Shanel Manzano and Elliot ...

Orlando Bloom Lists Famous Bling Ring Home For $4.5 Million

Looks like Orlando Bloom is bidding adieu to his Hollywood Hills home, which was once famously burglarized by the Bling Ring teens back in ...

Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day

It's official-Kris Humphries is auctioning off the massive engagement ring he gave to Kim Kardashian. There was buzz about a month ago that ...

Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 121: Wavii founder on the future of news

Adrian Aoun, the founder of the news-reading and summarizing app Wavii, talks with Rafe Needleman about the genesis of his technology and ...

Rihanna's Caught Playing Tonsil Hockey With A$AP Rocky!

Rihanna was snapped out in NYC at 3am shooting a music video with rapper and friend, AAP Rocky, and looking quite cozy The pair were ... tags: AsapCultureKissLinguisticsMusicNewPhotos

Hayden Panettiere -- that's GOTTA be an engagement ring

Here comes the bride ... to-be ... at least, that's the way it seemed when Hayden Panettiere Pana teer arrived to LAX yesterday with a HUGE ... tags: Bling-blingHaydenKlitschkoLinguisticsPanettiereWladimir

Skype Me Maybe - sung in 30+ languages by 17 polyglots!

For more info on how this video came about and about each of the contributors, check out the blog post If you liked this video, please ... tags: acquisitioneducationLanguagelinguisticsmultilingualpolyglotskype

Nunberg: A-Word Embodies the True Attitudes of Society

Nunberg A-Word Embodies the True Attitudes of SocietyCommonwealth Club - SF Club OfficeGeoffrey Nunberg is the author of Ascent of the ... tags: ClubCommonwealthGeoffreylinguisticsNunbergOfficeprofanity

Shakespeare in 37 Languages

A rousing haka war cry by Maori actors kicked off a marathon program of 37 Shakespeare plays in 37 languages on Monday as a cultural ... tags: linguisticsLondonOlympicsShakespeareWilliam

Inuit Speak on Climate Change Through Their Own Language

While most academics publish research papers, geography professor Ian Mauro makes documentary films. His film Qapirangajuq, 'Inuit ... tags: americansArcticclimatefirstindigenousinuitlinguistics

Mysterious Chinese Linguistic Characters Go on Display

Several unknown ancient Chinese characters have been put on display at the Sanxingdui Museum in southwest China's Sichuan Province. The ... tags: characterChinalinguistics

German-Language Purists Fight "Denglish"

'The language of Germany is German. This sentence could soon be added to Germany's constitution. Proponents of the move want to slow down ... tags: assimilationenglishGermanygoetheimmigrantsimmigrationinstitute