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A flash description of 'flash trading'

07/09/12 NYFP's 'Wall Street Lingo' This week, the term 'flash trading' is looked into and defined. tags: analysisdjiaExchangeexclusiveLingoNewShares

Barometers v. forecasts v. trends

09/07/12 This week on NYFP's 'Wall Street Lingo', the question of, 'What's the difference between barometers, forecasts, and trends' is ... tags: exclusiveFinanceforecastLingoNYFPnyfpbusinesscenterStreet

Sulsenti on 'Sister Stocks'

02/26/12 NYFP's 'Wall Street Lingo' Louis Sulsenti of Pragma discusses current investor trends and the ability to tap into 'sister stocks'. tags: AAPLappleexclusiveFinancefloorLingonyfpbusinesscenter

Stab Necks and Know Your Lingo! - Film Riot

Thanks to popular request, today we are showing how we did the neck stab from LOSSES Plus we bust out some more film lingo tags: connollyfilmknowlingoriotryanstab

Sulsenti Talks Technology and Cloud Computing

02/06/12 NYFP's Wall Street Lingo Louis Sulsenti of Pragma continues his talk of tech innovations this episode, mostly focusing on 'Cloud ... tags: cloudcomputingfinancefinancialhardwarehistoryinnovations

2° How to pick up girls with Magic bent cigarette

2 How to pick up girls with Magic bent cigarette Come Rimorchiare le ragazze con la magia sfida a piegare una sigaretta Facebook ... tags: awesomebanconotabarbentbetbillBounty

Jobs Reports and the Markets

01/06/12 NYFP's 'Wall Street Lingo' Stephen Guilfoyle, US Economist for Meridian Equity Partners, briefly explains the difference between ... tags: creationdatadjiadoweconomiceconomistsemployment

Louis Sulsenti Discusses Trader Innovations

11/21/11 NYFP's Wall Street Lingo Louis Sulsenti of Pragma discusses innovations in technology that has not only changed how traders ... tags: djiadowenglishnyfpjamesfinancialhandheldjames_sweeneylingo

HOW TO: Talk SH*T About People

In which I teach y'all how to talk shit about people without them knowing. Important life lesson. HOW TO FIND ME Videos Twitter ... tags: code code-word glingo how language lay lingo