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9 Easy DIY Tech Hacks

Super-simple hacks for your pricey gadgets. It's about time you showed your headphones who's boss. tags: buzzfeed_videobuzzfeed_videosDIYDIY_tech_hackshackslifehacksTech

How to Make 5 Emergency Candles - Life Hacks

Yes this could SAVE YOUR LIFE Learn how to make Candles Life hacks is THE SOLUTION to survive tags: candlhow_tolearnlearn_how_tolifelife_hacksmake_candle_with

Trying 30 Different Life Hacks... Fail or not..?! iPhone, Doritos, Popcorn, Beers, Fire...

As most viewers know, the Internet has a serious love obsession with so-called life hacks. The problem is, most of these tricks not only ...

10 Vinegar Life Hacks! Awesome.

'House hold' most famous educator of ridiculous tricks and hacks that may or may not ease your daily life, has stepped up to deliver 10 ...

How To Poach An Egg Using A Tuna Tin

Poaching an egg can be a messy process without the right equipment, but you don't need to worry about buying an expensive product, just ... tags: easilyegghackhackslifelife-hacklife-hacks

10 Sec Tip - Keeping Fingernails Clean

Here is a fingernail guard Before you work in the garden, take a bar of soap and rub your fingernails in and around the bar. That way, you ... tags: Cleanclever_life_tipseasy_home_remediesFingernailsGeoBeatshome_tipshome_tricks

Tips for Watering Plants

If you have some flat club soda laying around, you can actually feed it to your houseplants. The minerals in the club soda are beneficial ... tags: clever_life_tipsforGeoBeatsHome_Gardeninghome_tipshome_tricksJustin_Cave

Coffee Filter Alternative

If you are out of coffee filters and need a cup of coffee, simply take a paper towel, fold it in half, drop it down in there and you are ... tags: Alternativecoffee_filterCoffee_Filter_Alternativecoffee_filter_optionsFilterFood_Kitchen_SkillsGeoBeats

10 Second Common Cold Relief

If nighttime coughing is keeping you awake, here's a quick remedy.Slather some vicks vaporub on the bottom of your feet, yes the bottomof ... tags: Coldcold_reliefcold_remediesCommoncommon_coldGeoBeatsHealth_Conditions_Illnesses

How to Create a Fire with Oranges

Looking for a tutorial on How To Create A Fire With Oranges This helpful video explains exactly how it's done, and will help you get good ... tags: citrusCreateFirefredrickHowHowlife_hacksLife_Tips_Tricks

How To Wipe Your Microwave With A Lemon

Watch How To Wipe Your Microwave With A Lemon from the world's leading how to specialist. This informative video will give you informative ... tags: andcleaningelectromagnetic_radiationfireplacesLeisurelemonLife