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Colo. Officials Respond To 420 Mile Marker Theft Problem

The Colorado Department of Transportation changed the 420 mile marker sign to 419.99. The change comes after the original sign kept getting ... tags: 420_mile_marker420_signcdotcolorado_marijuanacolorado_weedlegalize_marijuanamarijuana

DOJ Won't Challenge States' Recreational Marijuana Laws

The Department of Justice will not challenge Washington and Colorado's new medical or recreational marijuana laws.

Ron Paul: Pot Policy Should Be Set By The States

Rep. Ron Paul R-TX said marijuana policy should be set by the states at the CNN National Security debate in Washington. tags: elections_2012gop_debatelegalize_marijuananewsyNews_General_Newspolitics_newsRon_Paul

Legalize Marijuana: Medical Association in California

The California Medical Association CMA has come out in favor of legalizing marijuana in the state so that more research can be done to ... tags: Cannabis decriminalizemarijuana Joint legalizeit legalizemarijuana marijuanabenefits marijuanadispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries & Violence

A new study by RAND states that crime increased in areas where medical marijuana dispensaries were closed. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and ... tags: anakasparian benmankiewicz cenkuygur legalizemarijuana marijuanadecriminalization marijuanadispensaries marijuanastudy

Marijuana Arrests Rising In US

The annual FBI Uniform Crime Report breaks down drug related crimes and arrests. How many people are busted for pot possession Ana ... tags: anakasparian decriminalizationdrugs drugarrests drugwar fbicrimereport fbidrugs legalizemarijuana