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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative 2012, Vote Yes on Question 3!

Vote Yes on Question 3 Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative 2012. TV commercial campaign ad tags: campaign_adcommercialHistorylegalizationmarijuanaMassachusettsmedical_marijuana

MA Marijuana Legalization Hearing, 3-6-2012

MA Marijuana Legalization Hearing, 3-6-2012, Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA. Presidents of Suffolk University NORML and SSDP leaders ... tags: ActivismBostonLawlegalizationmarijuanamarijuana_legalizationMassachusetts

CO & WA Marijuana Legalization, Celebrating with Vermin Supreme

CO WA Marijuana Legalization, Celebrating with Vermin Supreme, election night special, TWO HOTHEADS show. Music- Vermin Supreme and Rob ... tags: Coloradoelection_nightlegalizationlegalizemarijuanamarijuana_legalizationnews

4 things to know about recreational pot laws

Recreational marijuana sales are underway in Colorado, attracting a new type of tourism to the state. Govbeataposs Reid Wilson breaks down ... tags: 2014coloradogovbeatlegalizationlegalize_itmarijuanamedicinal

Marijuana Legalization, Young People Testify in MA

Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Suffolk University NORML students testify in favor of marijuana legalization in Massachusetts tags: collegeColoradolegalizationmarijuanamarijuana_legalizationMassachusettsnews

Obama marijuana legalization, Maine State Rep Diane Russell

Maine State Rep. Diane Russell on what it will take to legalize marijuana under an Obama administration tags: Barack_ObamaColoradoDiane_Russelllawlegalizationlegalizemarijuana_legalization

Kevin Sabet, No On MA Medical Marijuana Campaign is disingenuous

Mike Cann to Kevin Sabet 'No On MA Question 3 Medical Marijuana Campaign is disingenuous' 2012. Mike Cann on this night had enough of the ... tags: debateDrug_policyKevin_Sabetlegalizationlegalization_debatemediamedical_marijuana

Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Hearing

Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Hearing, State House, 10/14/2009 with NORML's Keith Stroup and more. tags: hearinglegalizationlegalizemarijuana_legalizationMassachusettsNewsPolitics

Gallup Shows Highest-Ever Support for Weed Legalization

For the first time, according to Gallup, most Americans think marijuana should be legal. As many as seven states have ballots on the issue ...

T.I. On Legalizing Marijuana

Hip Hop artist T.I. explains how taxing marijuana would impact the deficit.

Ken Cuccinelli Dislikes Other Officials Interfering In Women's Health Care

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli R is frustrated that his Democratic gubernatorial opponent, Terry McAuliffe, is polling so much ...