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New Hampshire state lawmaker pays fine, apologizes for hitting ducks

A state representative has pleaded no contest and paid a fine for running over some ducks outside a Nashua hotel. tags: apologyDavid_CampbellducksfinelawmakerlegislatureNashua

Oklahoma lawmaker files 'Merry Christmas' bill

A lawmaker filed a bill to protect the phrase 'Merry Christmas.' tags: billkocolawmakerlegislationlegislatureMerry_ChristmasOklahoma

Tunisia's opposition criticizes formation of new parliamentary group

36 lawmakers have formed the 'Coalition for the Sovereignty of the People' at Tunisia's Assembly. The rising parliamentary block is the 2nd ...

New video shows Edward Snowden meeting German lawmaker

Newly released video shows Edward Snowden meeting with German lawmaker Hans-Christian Stroebele. WikiLeaks posted the video to their ...

A letter from Snowden to Germany

German lawmaker Hans-Christian Stroebele met with Edward Snowden in Moscow. Now the Green party politican is back home with a message from ...

Obama: Not my job to get Congress to "behave"

On congressional gridlock that has kept sequestration in place, President Obama told reporters It's not 'my job to get them to behave ...

Obama revives push to close Guantanamo Bay

President Obama tells CBS News correspondent Bill Plante he plans to revisit his push to close the U.S. military-run detention center ...

Ending the furloughs of air traffic controllers?

The White House and Congress are giving signals that they may be willing to work out a deal to end the furloughs of air traffic ...

Flight delays in largest airports

The nation's larger airports are seeing flight delays and more are likely on the way. The FAA says fewer air traffic controllers are on the ...

Ill. lawmaker goes on tirade over pension bill

Tempers flared on the floor of the Illinois House, as Rep. Mike Bost went on a tirade over a proposed pension reform bill that will require ...

Jago Punjab - A Lawmaker - 13 Sept 2013

Jago Punjab - A Lawmaker - 13 Sept 2013

Jordan MP shoots at fellow lawmaker in Parliament

Two Jordanian lawmakers said a fellow deputy fired an automatic rifle at another parliamentarian on Tuesday in a corridor of the Chamber of ...