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Greek corruption probe reveals alleged money laundering and fraud at PostBank

Greek police have arrested three people and charged them with money laudering and defrauding the state. A businessman and two officials at ... tags: allegedandBankingcorruptionfraudGreeklaundering

Spanish princess charged with tax fraud

Princess Cristina of Spain has been charged with tax fraud and money laundering and could face a trial. The Superior Justice Tribunal of ... tags: anddaughterfraudJuanJulieKinglaundering

Spanish princess charged with money laundering and tax evasion

Princess Christina, the younger daughter of King Juan Carlos of Spain, has been charged with money laundering and tax evasion. After a ... tags: andevasionJusticelaunderingmoneyprincessSpanish

Why no prosecution for HSBC money laundering?

HSBC, one of the biggest names in banking has admitted to handling the dirtiest money in the world. The British bank's clients include drug ...

Regulator probes Deutsche Bank over money laundering controls

In BaFin's view, Deutsche Bank took too long to report some suspicious transactions to the police, possibly because the bank's internal ... tags: BusinessdealersDeutscheEconomyGermanylaunderingMoney

Regulator probes Deutsche Bank

A German paper is reporting German regulator BaFin is looking into whether Deutsche Bank should improve the controls it has in place ... tags: AuthoritydealersDeutscheFederalFinancialGermanylaundering

RAW VIDEO: Money-Laundering Trial of Singer Isabel Pantoja Begins

The money-laundering trial of the popular singer Isabel Pantoja, her former partner Julian Munoz, who was mayor of Marbella, and his ... tags: IsabellaunderingMalagamoneyPantojaSpain

HSBC Allowed Drug Cartels to Launder Billions Through US

Lax controls at Europe's largest bank, HSBC, allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder billions of dollars through its US operations, a US ... tags: ArabiaEuropeHoldingsHsbclaunderingMexicomoney

HSBC Said to Have Laundered Mexican Drug Cash

An investigation has found that lax controls at HSBC allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder billions of dollars through its U.S. operation ... tags: AmericaandBusinessCarlGovernmentlaunderingLegislature

HSBC Pushes West to Rethink Alliance With Saudi Arabia

A US Senate subcommittee has discovered that British banking giant HSBC gave money to a Saudi bank with suspected links to terrorist ... tags: ArabiaEuropeHoldingsHsbclaunderingmoneyPlc

'Money laundering': HSBC boss quits

By Jennifer FairhurstDavid Bagley, who has been HSBC head of group compliance since 2002, stepped down before the Homeland Security and ... tags: BagleyCityDavidDCFinanceHSBCLaundering