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Fetal Development Week Fourteen

Just seven days ago, your baby was the size of a clementine, but now he or she is as big as a peach Fruit comparisons aside, week 14 of ... tags: 14_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_genderfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_14fetus_at_14_weeks

Premature Babies: Outlook by Week of Birth

A baby born before week 37 is premature. Premature babies often have low birth weight, and are at some risk for health problems like mental ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_healthdisability_for_preemiesdoctor:_health_videoearly_babyinfant

Fetal Development Week Twenty Two

Welcome to week 22 of pregnancy, where your baby officially hits the one-pound mark In other news, your little one's sense of touch will ... tags: 22_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_22fetus_at_twenty_two_weekslanugo

Fetal Development Week Fifteen

Guess what, Mom During pregnancy week 15, fetal development will have likely reached a point where you'll be able to find out whether ... tags: 15_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_genderboy_or_girlfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_15

Pregnancy: Weeks 13 to 16

Your baby is about the size of an orange this month...and growing quickly Check out what's happening during weeks thirteen through sixteen. tags: am_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyearly_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health

Pregnancy: Weeks 17 to 20

If you're eating everything in sight, you'll be happy to know that your truck-driver's appetite is a normal, healthy pregnancy symptom ... tags: amniocentesisappetitebabybaby_lengthcatsduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancy

Fetal Development Week 22 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

At week 22 of pregnancy, your baby officially hits the one-pound mark Your little one's sense of touch will develop at this point in his or ... tags: 22_weeksadvicebaby_developmentblogdevelopmentfetalfetal_development