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Landings Videos - 3 by Popular

SAAF 28 Squadron C-130 BZ/F Hercules Tricky Landing

28 Squadron Pilots of the South African Air Force shows us how to deal wit a difficult approach and landing in their Lockheed C 130 at ... tags: aircraft airplane airport approaches aviation difficult flying

Mirage F1 Landing and Drag Chute Deploy.

Mirage F1 AZ Landing. Aerosud Mirage F1 makes a smooth landing and deploys drag chute. tags: african air airplane defence f1 flying force

Exercises to Prevent and Address ACL Injuries

The X-Fit team shows a workout that will strengthen a common injury area the anterior cruciate ligament. tags: aclanterior_cruciate_ligamentdemoexerciseshamstringshow_toknee_tracking

Close Moon filmed from Earth compilation

filmed from earth in the UK by JLW through a 12' telescope. JLW facebook group page here Take a close ... tags: alex alien aliens ancient apollo base collier

C-130 Landings

Courtesy 4th Combat Camera SquadronInternational C-130's from Spain, Belgium, Korea, and Saudi Arabia arriving at Joint Base ... tags: Landings lockheedC-130Landingslockheed

James May meets Charlie Duke - James May on the Moon - BBC

James May meets Charlie Duke, an astronaut on the Lunar Module Apollo 16, which landed on the moon in 1972. Great clip from science ... tags: ApolloBBCCharlie DukeCharlie_DukeJames MayJames_MayLandings

Businesses cheer gay N.Y. weddings

As online applications for gay marriage start in New York, the wedding business is gearing up for a boost in business. tags: Businessdemocraticlandingsmathsame_sextoledotwenty_one

Does Size Matter?

He's concerned it'll be too small. She's concerned about exactly the same thing. But the truth is, penis size doesn't always matter. What ... tags: crooklandingsorgasmpeanutpsychological

CNY reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day 5-30-11

Photojournalist Jim Kearns visited a few parades to find out what Memorial Day means to Central New Yorkers. tags: journalistlandingsLocalnation'svandalwsyr_featured_videowsyr_top_stories