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#65 - Leggo my Vago

Welcome to The Sink 65 Cindy joins us again this week We discuss Jared's developing allergy to latex and how that will effect his ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

#66 - Insert Title Here

Welcome to The Sink 66 Further discussion of Jared's latex allergy plus our thoughts on Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, Kocked ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

#67 - Mutant Child Birthing Massacre

Welcome to The Sink 67 Lengthy discussion of 1408 the new movie based on a Stephen King short story, plus a couple listener emails, a few ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #68 - Fake Working Title

Welcome to The Sink 68 This week we discuss Black Sheep, Transformers and Sicko. We do our best to not talk about Harry Potter and briefly ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #69 - Questionable taste

Welcome to The Sink 69 We celebrate our 69th show with a smattering of sex questions from our favorite listeners. Also, despite our best ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #70 A - The Harry Potter Half

Welcome to The Sink 70 A Almost a full hour of spoiler-tasitc discussion of the fifth Harry Potter movie and the seventh and final Harry ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #70 - The Non-Harry Potter Half

Welcome to The Sink 70 Neal, Cindy, Caitlin and as always Jared join us this week. We discuss The San Diego Comic Con as well as a bunch of ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #72 - Booking A Flight, Question Mark

Welcome to The Sink 72 Our technical difficulties continue, so we're live from Jared's laptop once again This week we discuss The ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #73 - Subincision

Welcome to The Sink 73 Long time no Sink Our busy schedules finally open up enough for a new Sink to emerge. This episode we read a few ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #74 - I can't lube my left foot

Welcome to The Sink 74 This week's episode is a bit longer than normal -- despite only a few listener emails We discuss a whole bunch of ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #75 - Soft Serve Chocolate Polio

Welcome to The Sink 75 Busy schedules have kept us from you, dear listener, but we're back A smattering of listener email and lots of talk ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee