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The Sink #89 - Kidzbopian Kerplokenstudenstein

OK, kids, sorry it's been another couple weeks since a new episode went up. My plan to make time to edit this episode while travelling went ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #87 & #88 - Special Double Issue!

Welcome to a special double episode of The Sink -- 87 'Four Months Later...' and 88 'Damn You, Billy Zane'. As you may recall, last week's ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #86 - Oscar Edition

Welcome to The Sink 86 As I mention in the intro, this is actually the middle section of a marathon two-and-a-half-hour recording session, ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #85 - Polygamy and the Social Network

Welcome to The Sink 85 Sorry for the delay... yet again. We recorded this in early October, and now a month later I've finally gotten ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #84 - Not Everything Jared Says Is The Title Part 2

Welcome to The Sink 84 Sorry for the delay, again it's a few days after I intended to have part two up.nbspWe recorded this episode a week ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #83 - Your Quality Is Bad: Part 1

Welcome to The Sink 83 First of all, sorry for the delay.nbspWe recorded this episode a week ago, but difficulties with Skype led us to ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

The Sink #82 - What's Bullet Point Number Two?

Welcome to The Sink 82 Featuring special guests Jessifer and Patrick, what this Sink lacks in audio quality we had to improvise with a ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

#61 - I'm done, but I'm not finished yet

Welcome to The Sink 61 More on the topic of sex, plus email and discussion of Hot Fuzz.Click to listen, right-click to downloadRelated ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

#63 - Scat Par-taaay!

Welcome to The Sink 63 Cindy, Neal and Phil join us this week A few listener emails, discussion of Spider-Man 3 and various popular ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee

#64 - Luring pinatas into my garden

Welcome to The Sink 64 Cindy, Neal and Phil join us again this week We celebrate the return of Shmoo's always hilarious emails, discuss ... tags: carriecomedydaytonentertainmentkitchenlandersmcghee