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Patagonia Environmental Protection Versus Clean Energy

American conservationist Kristine Tompkins and her husband Douglas have bought 263,000 hectares of land from Argentinian farmers in order ... tags: BeebeChileDougKristinePatagoniaPencerTompkins

Human Source Code: Do the Socially Valuable Live Longer?

Human Source Code Do the Socially Valuable Live LongerL2 - The Morgan LibraryModule 1Welcome Opening RemarksPeter Henry, NYU SternMagazine ... tags: GallowayHenryJulianKristinePaulPeterRomer

Take Out the Earbuds: Have We Lost Our Ability to Listen?

Take Out the Earbuds Have We Lost Our Ability to ListenL2 - The Morgan LibraryModule 1Welcome Opening RemarksPeter Henry, NYU ... tags: GallowayHenryJulianKristinePaulPeterRomer

The great big diamond mountain

New studies of Neptune and Uranus seem to imply that there are large icebergs of solid diamonds floating on seas of liquid diamonds. Space ... tags: diamondsfrazaojeffkristinemanberneptunerussia

China's Rebound may cause Inflation

China's economy is soaring In the final quarter of last year, it ranked as the world's -biggest economy. However, critics fear inflation is ... tags: ChinadeEconomyFrazaoInflationKristineLeon

Pro-life activists take to the streets of DC

Thousands gather in Washington to protest Roe. v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision making abortions legal. After 37 years the momentum is ... tags: forFrazaoKristineLifeMarchPro-LifeRoe

Alan Maass discuss Howard Zinn's legacy

Alan Maass discusses Howard Zinns legacy with Kristine Frazao. Zinn was a writer, professor and activist best known for his work A Peoples ... tags: civilfrazaohistoryhowardkristinepeoplesrights

Howard Zinn is remembered by David Zirin

David Zirin remembers Howard Zinn, who wrote history books in his own way. He discuss' how Howard Zinn was a man that was genuine and would ... tags: americandavidfrazaohistoryhowardkristinerussia

Targeted CIA drones strike

Johnathan Manes discuss' the use of drones in Afghanistan with Kristine Frazao. Currently, the CIA has increased the use of these drones ... tags: acluafghanistanfrazaojohnathankristinemanesrussia

Wall Street is awarding bonus money-taxpayer-money!

Les Leopold is the executive director of the Labor Institute and Public Health Institute in New York, and author of The Looting of America ... tags: frazaoinstitutekristinelaborleopoldlesnew

Is Obamas financial reform dead?

Despite the White House pleading with Wall Street to stop paying ridiculous bonuses, firms are coming out with huge 'compensations' to ... tags: aigbankbarryfrazaohousekristineritholtz

Missile interceptors headed to Romania?

Romania's top defense body approved a plan by Washington on Thursday to deploy interceptor missiles in the Black Sea state as part of a ... tags: czechelandfrazaoivankristinepolandradar