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10 Sec Tip - Keeping Fingernails Clean

Here is a fingernail guard Before you work in the garden, take a bar of soap and rub your fingernails in and around the bar. That way, you ... tags: Cleanclever_life_tipseasy_home_remediesFingernailsGeoBeatshome_tipshome_tricks

A Tip for Chilling Wine Quickly

Take your unchilled bottle of wine and stick it in a bucket. Make sure the bucket has water, a lot of ice and then take a large handful of ... tags: Chillingchilling_wine_quicklyclever_life_tipsFood_Kitchen_SkillsforGeoBeatshome_tips

Tips for Watering Plants

If you have some flat club soda laying around, you can actually feed it to your houseplants. The minerals in the club soda are beneficial ... tags: clever_life_tipsforGeoBeatsHome_Gardeninghome_tipshome_tricksJustin_Cave

10 Sec Tip for Keeping Cheese Fresh

If you want to keep cheese fresh, simply wrap it in aluminum and it will stay fresh for much longer. tags: Cheeseeasy_home_remediesFood_Kitchen_SkillsforFreshfresh_cheeseGeoBeats

10 Second Shaving Cuts Care Tip

If you nick yourself while shaving, and it happens especially if you are in a rush, just take some Chapstick, rub it right on the wound, ... tags: Careclever_life_tipsCutscuts10easy_home_remediesGeoBeatshome_tips

A Tip for Picking Peppers

Peppers with four bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking. Peppers that only have three bumps are a lot sweeter and better ... tags: choosing_vegetablesFood_Kitchen_SkillsforGeoBeatshome_tipsJustin_Cavekitchen_tips

Protecting Door Knobs While Painting

When painting the door, wrap aluminum foil around the door knob. It protects the door knob from getting any paint on it until the job's ... tags: 10_Second_TipsDoordoor_knob_protectionGeoBeatshomeHome_Home_Improvementhome_painting

Coffee Filter Alternative

If you are out of coffee filters and need a cup of coffee, simply take a paper towel, fold it in half, drop it down in there and you are ... tags: Alternativecoffee_filterCoffee_Filter_Alternativecoffee_filter_optionsFilterFood_Kitchen_SkillsGeoBeats