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Before the Revolution

Under Shah Pahlavi's pro-Western police state thousands of Israelis lived in Iran. Protected by arms deals and complex financial ties, they ...

Pyongyang Pressure Cooker - Inside Kim Jong-Un's North Korea

What do the people of North Korea really think Does the West give them a bad press This report tries to find out. North Korea has always ...

Judgement Day - 65 minute documentary trailer

Watch full film here As the explosive war in the Middle East escalates to new heights, we draw parallels between the ... tags: AfricaApartheidconflictdayeastIsraeljourneymanpictures

Historic Report on Berlusconi Sexual Crime Allegations

Sex addict, adulterer, 'the cavalier' call him what you will Berlusconi is Italy's beloved. Are his people simply willing to look the ... tags: AllegationsBerlusconiberlusconiHistoricBerlusconi_DivorceBerlusconi_Sexual_AddictionHistoricitalian_prime_minister

Call To Justice - 45 minute documentary - trailer

Watch the full film here For downloads and more information, please visit In Eastern Europe, countries ... tags: atcalldocumentaryeuropehumanimprisonmentjourneymanpictures

Microsoft Kinect Offers New Opportunity to Computer Hackers

Microsoft Kinect is at the centre of a gaming revolution led by hackers. Using body movements to control the digital world, the ... tags: computer_hackingcontrolfuturefuture_technologygesture_technologyHackingIssues

Middle America Feeling the Pinch of the Economic Downturn

With around 120,000 people declared bankrupt each month, many of the squeezed middle-class see the American dream slipping away. 'Our ... tags: 99_percentAmericaBusiness_EconomyDownturnEconomiceconomic_downturnfinancial_crisis

Ireland Faces Massive Drain on Its Young Workforce

With the global economic downturn continuing to dog the Irish economy, thousands of people across the country are being forced to emigrate, ... tags: ageing_populationbrain_drainBusiness_EconomyDraineconomic_collapseeconomic_migrationEmigration_from_Tiger

Anne Perry: Interiors - 58 minute documentary - trailer

Watch the full film here For downloads and more information, visit Anne Perry is one of the leading ... tags: anneculturedocumentaryhistoryJourneymanjourneymanpicturesmurder

Brazil's Economic Transformation

While the world has been transfixed by the astonishing economic growth in China and India, just out of the spotlight Brazil has been ... tags: BrazilBrazil_economyBrazil_GDPBusiness_EconomyEconomicEconomic_Crisisfinancial_miracle