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Jack Nance Videos by Popular

Sandy's Dream of Robins

Blue Velvet 1986 - Sandy's Dream of Robins - Sandy Laura Dern tells Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan of her dream of the robins, and how there will ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

That's a Human Ear All Right

Blue Velvet 1986 - That's a Human Ear All Right - Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan finds a human ear in a field and brings his discovery to ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Frank Returns

Blue Velvet 1986 - Frank Returns - Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan fools Frank Dennis Hopper into thinking he8217s in Dorothy8217s bedroom, while ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

It's a Strange World

Blue Velvet 1986 - It's a Strange World - Sandy Laura Dern shares some details of the police case with Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan, and he ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Don't You Look at Me!

Blue Velvet 1986 - Don't You Look at Me - When Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan stands up for Dorothy Isabella Rossellini by punching Frank Dennis ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

The Bug Man

Blue Velvet 1986 - The Bug Man - Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan poses as the pest control man to fool Dorothy Isabella Rossellini and gain access ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams


Blue Velvet 1986 - Exposed - Dorothy Isabella Rossellini discovers Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan hiding in her closet and forces him to strip. tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Blue Velvet - Trailer #1

Blue Velvet 1986 - Trailer 1 - Directed by David Lynch and starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, George Dickerson, Jack ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Baby Wants Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet 1986 - Baby Wants Blue Velvet - Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan spies on Frank Dennis Hopper and Dorothy Isabella Rossellini and their ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Joy Ride With Frank

Blue Velvet 1986 - Joy Ride With Frank - Frank Dennis Hopper forces Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan to go on a 8220joy ride8221 with him, Dorothy ... tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Are You Crazy?

Blue Velvet 1986 - Are You Crazy - At the diner, Jeffrey Kyle MacLachlan recruits Sandy Laura Dern for his investigation. tags: Aunt_BarbaraBenBrad_DourifDavid_LynchDean_StockwellDennis_HopperDetective_Williams

Gonna Have to Kill Me

Wild at Heart 1990 - Gonna Have to Kill Me - Sailor Nicolas Cage and Marietta Diane Ladd have it out in a bathroom stall when she tries to ... tags: Bobby_PeruCalvin_LockhartCousin_DellCrispin_GloverDavid_LynchDavid_Patrick_KellyDiane_Ladd