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A Certain Magical Index 1 Academy City (SUB)

Kamijo meets Index, who is on the run from a magic society that wants the library of forbidden knowledge stored in her memory. Later, ... tags: A_Certain_Magical_Indexepisode_1J.C.StaffTo_Aru_Majutsu_no_Index

The Seventh Grade Course

Though she may not look it, Anita is 12 years old, making her a 7th grader. Since arriving in Japan, she hadnt even considered going to ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoCourseGradeHideyuki_KurataHiromi_Hirata

They Shout

Nenene suddenly disappears The sisters are at a loss. They try to think up a plan, when a request for a lost book arrives. Blinded by the ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_GôdaJ.C.STAFF

The Right Stuff

Anita is finally getting used to life as a student in Japan when an Open House is announced. The students will read their book reports ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_GôdaJ.C.STAFF

In A Grove

A request by Dokusensha to find a lost book sends the three sisters off on another adventure. While discussing their strategy for ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_GôdaIn_A_Grove

Seduced by the Night

Within the deserted library, books are said to fly about of their own accord. Anita, Hisa and all of their classmates, sneak into school at ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_GôdaJ.C.STAFF

Heart of Darkness

Nenene attends a former classmates wedding. While there, she and her old childhood friends decide to visit a hot spring resort. Nenene was ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHeart_of_DarknessHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_Gôda

Christmas Carol

Nenene has been invited to the awards ceremony for the Best Freshman Novelist, a competition she won several years back. Initially feeling ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoChristmas_CarolHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_Gôda

Goodbye Japan

With the close of their bodyguard contract, the three sisters stay in Japan will end and theyll have to return to Hong Kong. Anita tries ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoGoodbye_JapanHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_Gôda

Twilight of the Papers

After Nenene and the Paper Sisters arrive in Hong Kong, they are subdued by a Dokusensha strike team. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Paper ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_GôdaJ.C.STAFF

Twilight of the Papers II

While trying to rescue Nenene, the Paper Sisters encounter Paper Master Sonny Wong. After a frantic battle, they separate. Maggie stays ... tags: 2003AniplexChiwa_SaitoHideyuki_KurataHiromi_HirataHozumi_GôdaJ.C.STAFF

In the Gray Light of the Abyss

The Paper Sisters are being hunted as terrorists Theyre able to sneak back into Japan, but must flee when the police show up. After a ... tags: 2004AbyssAniplexChiwa_SaitoGrayHideyuki_KurataHiromi_Hirata