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The Effect of Tech Gadgets on Your Sleep

Caution Your wireless device could lead to sleepless nights Find out how technology is making hard for us to get a good nights sleep and ... tags: breakthroughThecauses_of_insomniaEffecteffectseffects_of_insomniaGadgetsgadget_induced_insomnia

Avoiding Holiday Season Weight Gain

Once on the lips, forever on the hips. Half the weight we gain all year comes during the weeks leading up to the new year. Well show you ... tags: AvoidingAvoiding_Gaining_PoundsbreakthroughAvoidingChristmasChristmas_Weight_gainChristmas_Weight_Watchingdiet_advice

Must Have Holiday Shopping Apps

Are the deals worth it Where is the best bargain How much can I spend Well show you the newest smartphone Apps that might become your ... tags: AppAppsBargain_ShoppingCarChristmasFindfor

Tear Fluid Test to Replace Diabetes Finger Pricks

There have been a lot of advances to help people with diabetes live better, but the finger prick remains the same. Now, researchers are ... tags: alternativeBIGbloodDiabetesDiabetes_ResearchDIABETICSEye

Seven Foot Surgeon Dan Ivankovich Helps the Needy

Hes a renegade in his field. People who need surgery, but cant afford it, are turning to a man whose heart is as big as his stature. See ... tags: Bone_SquadBonobreakthroughSevencommunityDanDan_IvankovichFoot

The Effects of PTSD on Female Soldiers

Research shows women are twice more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than men. It not only messes with the mind, it can ... tags: afterarmyCoping_with_PTSDdisorderEffectsFemalehealthThe

Learn About Dogs That Donate Blood

Weve all heard about the need for donating blood, but how about blood donations for mans best friend Advances in veterinary medicine are ... tags: BloodDogsDog_Blood_DonorsDog_Blood_TransfusionDonateforhealthDogs

Smartphone App Helps the Color Blind

200 Million people worldwide have some form of color blindness. Now, a new app is clearing up confusion for them. See what happened when we ... tags: Appaugmented_reality_appBlindbreakthroughSmartphoneColorcolor_blindnesscolor_shades_app

Diet Tips to Reduce Arthritic Pain

50 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of arthritis. For many, medication isnt the answer to relieving the pain. How the foods ... tags: ArthriticarthritisArthritis_Pain_ReliefArthritis_ReliefbreakthroughDietCausescoping_with_arthritis

The Slim Capsule Weight Loss Pod

Users swear the Slim Capsule helps them lose pounds and inches. But skeptics have a lot on doubts of just how effective it really is. Both ... tags: breakthroughTheCapsuleHealth_Diet_NutritionivanhoeLossmedicalPod