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Issues Under Fire: Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and The Devil's Advocate

Syria and Russia say chemical weapons will be removed, but Bashar al-Assad will remain for the time being. Barack Obama breathes sigh of ...

Facebook IPO: Don't Be Zucker's Sucker

When we look at the value that a Google brings to the table, you can easily envision more cool innovation that will entice and excite folks ... tags: facebookIPOissues_under_fireMark_ZuckerbergNews_Politicssocial_mediastock_offering

Israel: Springtime in Iran is Gonna be a Blast!

According to US and Israeli officials, springtime in Iran might get really hot this year, as signals are being sent that an attack is ... tags: Barack_ObamaIAEA_inspectionsIranIsraelISSUES_UNDER_FIREJames_ClapperLeon_Panetta

Issues Under Fire: The Global Cost of Crippling Sanctions

We were wondering how long its going to take for the 'crippling sanctions' imposed upon Iran to break them. As the US and the Israelis ... tags: CHINEcrippling_sanctionsINDIAiran_warissues_under_FireNews_PoliticsOIL_EMBARGO

Issues Under FIre: Could Koran Cinders Set off Afghan Spring

Could Koran Cinders Set off an Afghan Spring is the question many in Washing are asking as much as they must be fearing. tags: Afghanistanbarack_obamahamid_karzaiissues_under_fireNATONews_PoliticsTaliban_fighters

Issues Under Fire: US/Israel's Undeclared War With Iran

Failing to convince UN Security Council Veto empowered Chinese and Russians to get on the Lets screw the Iranians at Any Cost bandwagon, ... tags: ammunition_exlplosionassassinationsBARACK_OBAMAcovert_actionforeign_policyGOP_RHETORICiran

Issues Under Fire: Can We Afford A War With Iran

With the world teetering near economic collapse, the Israelis are eagerly awaiting the IAEA'S report on the status of Iran's nuclear ... tags: congresseconomyglobal_chaosiaeairanisraelissues_under_fire

Issues Under Fire: Rise and Demise of Herman Cain/ Conrad Murray Gets Cuffed

Speaking of SCANKS , Gloria Allred, mans worst friend led Herman Cains worst nightmare to a bank of microphones yesterday to tell the world ... tags: alternativegloria_allredGOPguiltyherman_cainissues_under_firejane_velez-mitchell

Issues Under Fire: US Plays the Heavy Over UNESCO Vote

The United States once again face international mockery by openly stooging for Israeli interest. As promised, Congressional legislation to ... tags: Israeli_Palestinian_Conflictisraeli_settlementsissues_under_firelee_binesNews_PoliticsPalestinian_Authorityretrovision_media

Issues Under FIre: Global Occupation or World Wide Revolution

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has finally and predictably gone global. Our coverage of and engagement with those participating in the ... tags: 99_percentamerican_jobs_actcorporate_greedeconomyeric_cantorherman_cainissues_under_fire

Issues Under Fire: Obama May Find Silver Lining in Jobs Bill Failure

Refusing to accept no for an answer, President Obama will be able to push this do nothing Congress into voting on specifics. Since there is ... tags: 99_percentamerican_jobs_actcongresscorporate_greedeconomyeric_cantorherman_cain

Issues Under Fire: Occupy Wall Street is The American Awakening

Struggling to gain it's footing, America is staggering and stumbling to find its way after decades of slumber. Groggy and a bit incoherent, ... tags: 99_percentbank_bailoutscorporate_greedeconomyeric_cantorherman_cainissues_under_fire