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Israelis say farewell to Sharon at state funeral service at Knesset

Israel has stepped up security for Ariel Sharons funeral. Palestinians commonly view him has a war criminal. In the West Bank town of Jenin ... tags: Ariel_SharonDeathfarewellfuneralIsraelIsraelissay

Israelis tell euronews how they will remember Sharon

In Israel, Ariel Sharon was widely seen as a trailblazing warrior-statesman whose battlefield bravery and brilliance earned him hero status ... tags: Ariel_SharonDeatheuronewshowIsraelIsraelisremember

Israeli Soldiers Accused Of Killing Palestinian Boy In West Bank

A 15-year-old Palestinian boy died of a gunshot wound in the occupied West Bank, hospital officials said, and his father and two friends ... tags: againstIsraeli��“Palestinian_conflictIsraeliPalestinianIsraelisSecond_IntifadatheViolence

Norway hosts conference on 20th anniversary of Oslo Accords Agreement

The Oslo Accords Agreement was supposed to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It did not promise a Palestinian State but it was a ...

Obama speech, Syrian weapons plan concerns Israelis

EDITORS PLEASE NOTE THIS EDIT CONTAINS CONVERTED 43 MATERIAL In Jerusalem, reaction is mixed from Israelis to President Barack Obama's ...

Israelis given gas masks as fears grow of chemical...

Gas masks have been handed out in Israel, as fears grow that the violence in Syria could spill over the border.The move came after news of ...

Majority supports renewal of protests

69 percent of Israelis support the renewed social-justice protests,but are evenly split over who was responsible for the violence ... tags: IsraelisProtestRallySocialSupport

Trasladan bases militares para construir 25.000 viviendas

Dos grandes planes para construir unas 48.000 viviendas se iniciarn esta semana, con una dcada de retrasoEl da lunes, el Ministro israel de ... tags: barakbasesconstruccionehudfdiidfisraelis

Entsetzen nach Anschlag auf Israelis in Bulgarien

Der Selbstmordanschlag auf israelische Touristen in Bulgarien mit insgesamt acht Toten, unter ihnen sechs Israelis und ein Bulgare, und ... tags: AnschlagaufBulgarienBUSEntsetzenISRAELIsraelis

Israelis return home from Bulgaria to emotional welcome

Some of the Israelis caught up in the bomb in Bulgaria have been flown back to emotional reunions in Tel Aviv.Israeli rescue teams have ... tags: AttackBulgariaemotionaleuronewsfromhomeIsraelis

New Kinds of Strawberries Debut in Israel

New varieties of strawberry was introduced to Israelis recently on an open day hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Strawberry growers ... tags: FarmersGazaIsraelIsraelisNewsNTDStrawberries

Gasmasken für Israelis gegen Chemiewaffen von Assad

In Israel haben viele Menschen Angst vor einer Ausweitung des Syrien-Konflikts und einem mglichen Chemiewaffen-Einsatz. Wie in Jerusalem ... tags: AssadCHEMIEWAFFENfürGasmaskenISRAELIsraelisOBAMA