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The Rapid Packing Container Is The Cardboard Box 2.0

Inventor Alan Wolf, Henry Wang, and Chris Curro have gone viral with this new video touting their brand new cardboard box, The Rapid ... tags: amazingboxcontainerinventinventorpackpacking

Special thanks from bbz.

Special thanks from bobik.Stare dobre czasy z Jedi Academy tags: academyinventJambalayaJoTVjedijk3knightspecial

Morphing Table! Awesome invention.

In a laboratory MIT Media Lab, Professor Hiroshi Ishii invented a morphing table. The surface of the table is capable of changing shape to ...

Automatic Gas Station Refueling System

More and more technological prophecies from Back To The Future seem to be coming true. Fans of the popular film will remember the scene in ...

The most High tech restaurant : Automated Japanese restaurant without waiters! So cool!

The robot apocalypse has officially begun and it's starting at our sushi restaurants. Although conveyor belt sushi restaurants are hardly ...

Subo Kayak Submarine!

Olivier Feuillette former kayaker French expatriate in South Africa freestyle, has created an underwater kayak he called Subo. Subo can use ...

Hiccups cure from 13-year-old girl?

Nearly everyone gets hiccups and there's no foolproof way to get rid of them, but now 13-year-old Mallory Kievman has invented a possible ...

Inventwork (teaser)

The documentary wants to present workers in a broad sense craftsmen, professionals, artists, designers, immigrants, people who can exploit ... tags: creativityinventwork

How to Make A Prison Lighter From a Bubble Gum Wrapper. MUST SEE!

Using a chewing gum wrapper that is comprised of just enough metal, and a battery, someone in desperate circumstances can create a tiny ... tags: awesomebatterybubblefireguminventjail

Five Shadow et Lydia Scarfo en Live sur la Radio RGA (Full HD 1080P par Video-Z)

Le Five Shadow en mode Radio avec Lydia Scarfo pour la soire Radio Tongue de RGA 101.6 fm.Un live de leur titre 'ONE DAY' et un freestyle ... tags: FMFreestyleImprovisationInventémusicmusicaleRadio

The Secrets of Creativity by Deepak Chopra

Creativity is an aspect of your soul. Deepak Chopra breaks down creativity and explains how to achieve it. tags: achievecreativitygaiamhealinsightinventsecrets

Nigerian kids invent new dance

Nigerian kids invent awesome new dance tags: danceinventkidsnewnigerian