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Inside Iraq - Iraq at a crossroads

Iraq's recent elections were supposed to give the country a fresh start, but the political wrangling is ongoing. Inside Iraq is joined by ... tags: aljazeeraaltikritianasfiskinsideinsideiraqiraq

Inside Iraq - Baathists return to politics? - 27 Nov 09

Is this a step towards a national reconciliation or a step back to old ways tags: baathielectionshusseininsideinsideiraqiraqjasim

Inside Iraq - Iraq's Kurdistan

How will the newly appointed prime minister keep his promises and turn things around tags: electionsinsideiraqiraqjazeerakurdistan

Inside Iraq - Iraqi national movement - 6 Nov 09

We discuss the newly formed cross-sectarian alliance between Iyad Allawi and Saleh al-Mutlaq. tags: albaathelectionsinsideiraqiraqijazeera

Inside Iraq - Improved democracy? - 13 Nov 09

We discuss the implications of the newly passed election law on the Iraqi people. tags: adhamidemocracyfiryadinsideinsideiraqiraqKetene

Inside Iraq - Christopher Hill

The US ambassador to Iraq says he believes that the country's recent elections are a game changer and that Iraq's best days are yet to ... tags: aljazeeraambassadoramericaamericanbaghdadchristoperhill

Inside Iraq - Toppling Saddam a crime or a mistake?

When toppling Saddam, did Bush and Blair destroy a tyrant or commit the crime of the century Should they be celebrated or hanged for crimes ... tags: blairbushinsideiraqjazeerasaddamtony

Inside Iraq - Iraq's internal dilemma - 11 Dec 09

Who is benefiting from the wave of violence that is hitting Iraq tags: al-mutlaqazawibombselectionsinsideinsideiraqiraq

Inside Iraq - Iraq's oil law - 18 Dec 09

'Iraq floats on oil' is one mantra repeated all over the Middle East. 'The Americans invaded Iraq to steal its oil' is another. In this ... tags: al-ShahristaniAzawiHussainInsideinsideiraqIraqIraqs

Inside Iraq - Cancer fears - 1 Jan 10

Doctors in Iraq are recording a shocking rise in the number of cancer victims south of Baghdad. Sufferers in the province of Babil have ... tags: aljazeerababilbaghdadcancerfearsinsideinsideiraq

Inside Iraq - Iraqi hopes pinned on election

Millions of Iraqis are pinning their hopes on the country's elections, but will their hopes be dashed as in the past tags: AlelectionInsideinsideiraqIraqIsmaelJazeera