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Inside Story - Anti-Islam sentiment on the rise

Amnesty International asys anti-Islam sentiment is on the rise in the US. The human rights group has pointed to rising crimes committed ... tags: 811aljazeeraanti-IslamInsideinsidestoryIslamsentioments

Inside Story - Women in Egyptian parliament

Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, is approaching 30 years in power and is likely to be celebrating victory for his National Democratic ... tags: BotrosEl-KouediinsideinsidestoryMagedMonaNawal

Inside Story - North Africa's anger

While the death toll in Algeria and Tunisia mount due to ongoing riots, why are the EU and US largely ignoring the unfolding tragedy in ... tags: AlgeriaDavidDjebbarFosterHughInsideStoryLaufer

Inside Story - Is Egypt ready for democracy?

As the country braces for the next phase of developing democracy will the divisions manifest in the short referendum campaign deepen And ... tags: AlialjazeerademocracyEgyptGigiIbrahimInside

Inside Story: Morocco reforms, too little too late?

Observers do not believe Morocco will be another Egypt, Tunisia or Libya. But demonstrations are growing, and the next few months could be ... tags: AlaljazeeraInsideinsidestoryJazeeraMoroccoreform

Inside Story - London calling to the faraway towns

As rioting spreads to other British cities, we ask if enough is being done to quell the anger. tags: alaljazeeraenglandinsideinsidestoryJazeeraLondon

Inside Story - Putin and Medvedev's job swap

Putin and Medvedev are said to be planning a job swap, but what would Putin's return mean for the Russian opposition tags: alaljazeerademocracyDmitryinsidestoryJazeeraMedvedev

Inside Story - Kabul's new strategy for peace

Why has the Afghan president abandoned peace talks with the Taliban Guests Ali Sarwar Naqvi, Jalal Rabbani, Omar Samad tags: afghanistanHamidinsidestoryOmarpakistanpeaceSamad

Inside Story: Averting a crisis in Yemen

Yemen has long suffered from political turmoil, violence and unrest but now major aid groups are warning that thousands could die in a ... tags: abdelal-hemyariameenanalystazizhungerinsidestory

Inside Story - A Greek tragedy and a European crisis?

As Greece entered a week without a government central bankers joined politicians and economists in openly warning about the possible ... tags: athensEuropeEurozoneFinancegreeceinsidestorypolitics

Inside Story - Lockerbie's cold case

The death of Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi, has left some of the victims' relatives relieved but others continue to question the soundness of the ... tags: AlanbomibingeljarhinsidestoryLibyaLondonmohamed

Inside Story - How does China define human rights?

Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese activist and dissident, and his immediate family arrived in the US on Saturday, capping off three weeks of ... tags: BeijingDiplomacyfakhryghidahistoryinsidestorymei