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Authors at Google: David Weinberger

We used to know how to know. We got our answers from books or experts. We'd nail down the facts and move on. But in the Internet age, ... tags: david weinbergergoogleinformation overloadmarketingnetworkingtoo big to kinow

O'Reilly Radar 1/24/12: Information over-consumption, Open data and open gov in San Francisco

0032 - Clay Johnson, author of 'The Information Diet,' believes that consumption -- not overload -- is the source of our information ... tags: Clay JohnsonEd Leeemerging technologyinformation dietinformation overconsumptioninformation overloadopen data

Xerox Innovation Helps Manage Photo and Document Clutter

Check out some new imaging technologies that are now on Open Xerox is a 'virtual lab' where you can try out new ... tags: collaborative innovation copying Corp development digital printing imaging information overload

Authors@Google: Jonathan Spira

Timely advice for getting a grip on information overload in the workplace. This groundbreaking book reveals how different kinds of ... tags: business thought researchbusiness thoughtinformation overloadresearch

Jack Fuller: Skepticism

Jack Fuller talks about the growing skepticism that both journalists and non-journalists have on news validity. This Carnegie Council event ... tags: Carnegie Council Youtube Crisis in Journalism Information Overload Jack Fuller News Validity Skepticism What Is Happening to New

Jack Fuller: Neuroscience of Emotional Arousal

Jack Fuller discusses how information overload makes us dramatically more receptive to sensational news. This Carnegie Council event took ... tags: Carnegie Council Youtube Crisis in Journalism Emotional Arousal Information Explosion Information Overload Jack Fuller Neuroscience


Top business leaders describe their experiences with information overload, and author Jonathan Spira explains how to fight it. tags: 9780470879603 Accounting Basex e-mail Finance information information age

WTP 159: Insurgent Web, Information Overload, Iran Dual-Fuel, and Alan Johnston

First up -- a new from highlights how insurgent groups in Iraq are using the internet to put out their messages. No real surprise, but the ... tags: Alan JohnstonAlan_JohnstonbbcBruce HoffmanBruce_HoffmanClark Boydclark_boyd