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Witzend, Avengers #332 & Hellblazer: Pandemonium - iFanboy

Ron discovers comic book history in Witzend 3, Conor goes back into the storage unit and finds a 19 year old issue of Avengers, and Josh ... tags: avengersbookscomiccomicsgraphichellblazerifanboy

Terry Moore - indie comics creator of Echo and ...

One of iFanboy's most beloved indie comic creators is Terry Moore. With a rabid and loyal fanbase from his epic work, Strangers In ... tags: bookscomiccomicsgraphicifanboyimageindependent

Grizzly Vault: Battlefields, Spawn, Unknown Soldier - ...

iFanboy goes into the Vault and reviews Battlefields Vol. 1, Spawn Origins Vol. 1, and Unknown Soldier Vol. 1 tags: bookscomiccomicsgarthgraphicifanboyimage

Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness, Storytelling 101 and ...

I See A Darkness is the graphic novel all about one of iFanboy's all time favorite musicians, Johnny Cash. A few tips on being a critical ... tags: bookscomiccomicsgraphicgreenifanboyimage

Wildstorm - iFanboy

There is a lot to love about Wildstorm, both yesterday and today. tags: authoritycomicsifanboyjimleemachinamysterius

Ultimate Spider-Man - iFanboy

Ten years ago Marvel Comics took a risk and had an unproven writer reboot their most popular character. Did it work You bet it did, True ... tags: booksbriancomiccomicsgraphicifanboymarvel

The Movie Car Tour with Fireball Tim

For more visitEver wondered if a car you see in the movies is real or portions of it Take it a step further, how about how the cars ... tags: 4 heel drive batman batman movie captain america car t dukes of hazard elinor Pick of the Week #286 - Wolverine #9

May 29, 2011 - The original three are reunited to talk of the books of the week The takeaways are that Ron is very happy with X-Men, and ... tags: American_VampireArtscomicscomic_booksDetective_Comicsducktalesifanboy
1:01:43 Pick of the Week #287 - Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1

June 5, 2011 - Suburban Tragedy as the guys have a ton of comics to discuss this week, an embarassment of riches in fact. Throw in an ... tags: Artsbatmanbrubakercomicscomic_bookscriminaldc_comics
1:00:28 Pick of the Week #288 - American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1

June 12, 2011 - Conor has run for the border, and left us with staff writer Ryan Haupt to do the show with Josh and Ron. There is a stack ... tags: american_vampireArtsbendiscomicscomic_booksDC_Comicsecho Pick of the Week #289 - Invincible #80

June 19, 2011 - Conor returns, it's hot out, Ron is patronizing towards Canada, and Game of Thrones finds its way into the discussion a lot ... tags: archieArtsavengerscomicscomic_booksdc_comicsgreen_lantern

CCL #303 - Six Year Anniversary - I've Fell-en and I Can't Get Up

Collected Comics Library Podcast 303 - The three hundred third podcastSix Year Anniversary News from IDW, DC, Marvel, Fantagraphics, ... tags: 11_o'clock_comicsaround_comicsartsbookbookscollectedcollected_comics_library