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Make Water Proof Sand! - Scientific Tuesdays

We're going to show you how to make water-proof sand It's fun, easy and awesome tags: chemicalhouseholdhackerhow-tomagicmysticoilsand

Cheap Molten Metal - Scientific Tuesdays

We all want to melt down some metal for ourselves. Well here is the CHEAP way to do it Bismuth tags: chemicalhouseholdhackerhow-tomagicmysticoilsand

Melting Metal at Room Temp! - Scientific Tuesdays

Have you ever dreamed of melting down a metal with nothing more than your fingers Here is your chance. tags: galliumhouseholdhackerliquidmetalscientifict-1000t2

The Mouse Glove - Scientific Tuesdays

Computer mice are so 1995... It is time to step it up and wear our 2-dimensional point tracking device. tags: diygaminghackhandhouseholdhackerhow-tomods

How to build a Hero Engine - Scientific Tuesdays

A Hero engine was first created over 2000 years ago and it is still a great demonstration of psysics. tags: engineherohouseholdhackersciencescientificsimplesteam

Nitinol - Memory Wire - Scientific Tuesdays

Nitnol is an interesting metal that will jump back into it's original shape when heat is applied. tags: householdhackermetalnitinolnitnolprogrammingsciencescientific

USB Illuminator! - Scientific Tuesdays

Build a nifty and versatile USB Powered torch out of household trash. tags: batterybieberburnchargerhouseholdhackerledmod

Ghost under the bed PRANK!

Who wouldn't be scared of strange noises coming from under their bed Let's put it to the test and see what kind of reaction we get. In this ... tags: caught on tapeediteeriefreakyFunnyghostghosts

Boil Water with Ice!

So you thought you could only boil water with heat Watch as we flip that upside down and use ice cubes. Keep in mind there is a little ... tags: boilbottlechemical reactionchemistry trickdemonstrationdiyexperiment

Magnetic Super Putty

Take little putty. Take some metal filings. What do we get Magnetic Super PuttyThis stuff is amazing By infusing a simple product with ... tags: household hackerhouseholdhackerironmagnetic forcesmagnetic liquidmagnetic puttyneodymium

Gravity Light Glove!

Create a Gravity activated Glove Light If you loved the Mouse Glove you will enjoy this one as well All you need are 3 basic components you ... tags: bike lightcircuitscoin cell batterydiy electronicsdiy flashlightdiy scienceelectronics