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Cutting Saddle For Sale

11/11/11 This hand-made, cutting horse saddle is one of the best you'll ever ride. It's designed to help you ... tags: cutting horsecutting saddlehorse trainingranch cuttingranch sortingreined cow horsesaddle for sale

Smoke, saddled the 3rd time

Smoke, 2-year old. 3rd time saddled. This video was shot with my iphone using some of the techniques I learned from this y... tags: colt startinghorse training

Smoke, first ride

2-year old paint gelding, Smoke. First ride off the lunge line. This video was shot with my iphone using some of t... tags: colt startinghorse trainingtrochatraining

Smoke - 2 yr old ridden on lunge line

Smoke, 2-year old gelding being ridden on the lunge line for the 3rd time. I'm yelling at my help to keep out to the end o... tags: colt startinghorse trainingtrochatraining

Smoke's 7th Ride - 2-year old colt

Here's Smoke being ridden the seventh time. We're in the outdoor arena next to my barn at Sliding J Ranch. This video was ... tags: colt startinghorse trainingtrochatraining

Horse Training - 2-year old

This filly is a 2-year old with 60 days of training. Her barn name is Nakita. Over all she is doing we... tags: colt starting.cutting horseshorse trainerhorse trainingreining horses

Good Cutting Horse... bad cow selection!

Cutting horse training at This is cutting horse stallion, CowHouse Genuine Ich doing a very nice job of wo... tags: cutting horsehorse trainingranch cuttingranch sortingtrochatrainingworking cow horse

Horse Training with a Hackamore (Bosal)

Horse training at This clip is from the DVD titled, 'Hackamore Training'. In this video series, reining and cutting horse tr... tags: bosalcutting horsehackamorehackamore traininghorsehorse trainingreining

Colt Starting with a Hackamore & Snaffle Bit

In the video series titled, 'Colt Starting with a Hackamore Snaffle Bit', reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha demon... tags: colt breakingcolt startinghorse trainingstarting a colttrochatraining

Horse Training - An example of a good mover

Horse training at Have you ever heard a trainer describe a horse as being a 'good mover' or a 'flat-kneed mover' This vid... tags: cutting horsehorse traininglopingreiningreining horsetrochatrainingwestern riding