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Text Offender - What if Your Grandparents Read Those Texts from That Guy You Should Have Deleted ...

You know that a you hooked up with twice but still keep in your contacts just in case he magically becomes a nice person sometime soon This ... tags: GlamourGlamour_Magazinehooking_uplovenew_seriesrelationshipsSeries:_Text_Offender

Text Offender - What If Your Grandparents Read Your Texts from Your Ex?

You know those gross, rude texts your jerk of an ex sent you Heres what it might look like if your grandparents happened to read them. tags: breakupsGlamourGlamour_MAgazinegrandparentshooking_uphumorSeries:_Text_Offender

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Still Hook Up!?

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Still Hook Up

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Friends With Benefits?

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still hooking up when she is in Los Angeles

Open blinds on an occupied couple bedroom during a party...

During a party, my friend decides its a great idea to bring a girl up to the roof to start making moves. After they move things inside, he ...

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Back Together For Good?

The Beverly Hills Hotel seems to be the epicenter of Hollywood happenings this weekend, including the romantic meeting ground for Kim ... tags: back togetherBeverly Hills HotelClive DaviscoupledivorceHollyscoophooking-up

Never Kiss a Frog: Arnold Schwarzenhopper

Never Kiss a Frog Arnold ... 341 A girl goes on a dinner date with a guy whos obsessed with his body and wants to show it off in every ... tags: advicebad_datesbad_kisserbookbreaking_upClean_Comedycomedy

Webcam (Confessionals!) - Love Lives

Webcam Confessionals - ... 315 Episode Four - Love Lives.\n\nBrandon harasses Kat. Kinda Cute Keywords webcam confessionals ... tags: chat_showconfessionscookingdwaynegossiphooking_upjohnson

Home for the Diwalidays

Todd gets into the spirit of India's biggest festival, discovering the joys of giving and getting love. tags: Anisha_NagarajanAshaBen_RappaportcelebrationCharlieComedyDiedrich_Bader