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NATO says it is 'highly likely' it killed Pakistani troops

NATO has admitted it is 'highly likely' its aircraft killed Pakistani soldiers in a raid that left up to 28 of them dead. The troops were ... tags: AttackeuronewshighlykilledlikelyNATOPakistan

Radioactive fish found near Fukushima plant

A Tepco sampling survey at the tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has found fish around the plant that contain extremely high levels ... tags: fishfoundhighlylimitedplantRadioactivereports

Blood and guts in high stakes congressional races

Think the Presidential race is fierce It's downright genteel compared to the race for the U.S. House and Senate seats across the country ... tags: andcampaignCandidatesGembarahavehighhighly

Australia: tough gun laws stopped mass murders

The scene of a deadly massacre in Port Arthur, Australia 16 years ago. Thirty-five people were killed and 21 were wounded when Martin ... tags: Australiabeencountrysdeathsfirearmshighlymass

Highly automated driving on the motorway

Motorway A9 from Munich to Nuremberg and as usual there is a high volume of traffic. But despite the stress of the situation, the driver ... tags: automateddrivingHighlymotorway

People camp out for days outside 99 cent store

About a dozen people have camped out since Monday in front of the new 99 cent only store in Sacramento to be among those who will get to ... tags: discountedFesaiflat-screenhighlyMaeopeningprice

White House "highly skeptical" Syrian rebels used chemical weapons

Amateur video which could not be independently verified by Reuters show anguish on the streets of Damascus. Violence rages on the ground ... tags: highlyHouserebelsreportssaysskepticalsuggestions

Great Gatsby stars hit the red carpet

The highly anticipated film 'The Great Gatsby' had its world premiere in New York kicking off what film director Baz Luhrmann hopes will be ... tags: AliciacarpetfilmhighlyitsLuhrmannsNew