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Musharraf Diverted To Hospital For 'Heart Problems'

This is the third time Pakistan's former ruler failed to appear in court on charges of treason, leading to speculation the hospital trip ... tags: chargesdeathformer_military_rulerheart_problemsnawaz_sharifpakistanpervez_musharraf

BLUE MAN DIES: Internet Sensation Passes Away of Heart Attack; Not Related to Skin Condition

The blue man, affectionately known to some as Papa Smurf, has died of a heart attack at 62 years old. Paul Karason had a condition called ...

What Is a Cardiac CT

Janet, 57, says she's been experiencing heart palpitations and chest pressure. Since she has a family history of heart disease, she decided ... tags: CardiacCardiac_CTDr.Health_Heart_Diseaseheart_disease_testHeart_Palpitations_Testheart_problems

The Side Effects of Pent-Up Anger on Your Heart

Cardiologist Dr. Lisa Matzer explains how anger and pent-up emotions can be detrimental to your heart. tags: Angeranger_controlanger_managementarteries_constrictionattackdueEffects

The Causes of Heart Failure

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains what can cause heart failure. tags: CausesDr._Travis_StorkFailureforHealth_Heart_DiseaseHeartheart_conditions

Andrea's Breakthrough Heart Surgery

Andrea, now 41, began suffering from fatigue, loss of appetite and swollen legs, and was diagnosed with a virus. Three years later, her ... tags: Andrea'sandreas_storyBreakthroughEnlarged_Heart_ConditionHealth_Heart_DiseaseHeartheart_condition

Freezing Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation

Doctors are using extreme temperatures to fix abnormal heart rhythms. Watch how the new tool is helping get hearts back on track. tags: Atrialatrial_fibrilationbreakthroughFreezingFibrillationforFreezingHealth_Heart_Disease

Extending a Heart Failure Patient's Life

Right now, about 3,000 people are waiting for a heart transplant in the U.S. Hundreds will die waiting for one. A new artificial heart ... tags: Big_BluebreakthroughExtendingExtendingFailureHealth_Heart_DiseaseHeartheart_diseases

Bret Michaels on the Hole in His Heart

Rock legend Bret Michaels described how doctors discovered a hole in his heart after being hospitalized for stroke-like symptoms. tags: BirthBretbret_michaelsHealth_Heart_DiseaseHeartheart_defectsheart_problems

Barry Manilow on His Atrial Fibrillation

In a daytime TV first, singing sensation Barry Manilow opens up about the illness he's dealt with for 15 years atrial fibrillation A-fib. tags: a-fibAtrialatrial_fibrillationBarrybarry_manilowEffectFibrillation

Test Yourself for a Healthy Heart

The most common type of heart disease is coronary heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack. One man beat the odds and changed his ... tags: coronary_artery_blockagediseaseTestforhealthcentralHealthyHealth_Heart_DiseaseHeart