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Your Most Recent STD Test

We all have sex. We're all at risk for STDs. Want to know how long its been since that cute girl in the corner got tested tags: chlamydiagonorrheahealth_videoshivhpv:_healthsex_healthstds

Types of Depression

There are many types of depression, from clinical depression to manic depression to a condition called dysthymia, a less severe, but more ... tags: chronic_depressiondepressiondepression_helpdepression_symptomsHealth_Videosmajor_depressionMedical

Major Depression: Spot the Signs

If left untreated, major depression can be a devastating mental illness. Learning to recognize the signs of depression can ensure that you ... tags: depressive_disorderHealth_Videosmajor_depressionmajor_depression_symptomsmajor_depressive_disorderMedicalMedical_Videos

Bipolar Treatment: Nutrition and Supplements

Bipolar disorder is usually treated with medication and therapy. But a healthy diet, vita and supplements may help ease the mood swings ... tags: bipolar_helpbipolar_moodbipolar_treatmentblood_glucoseblood_sugarcarbohydratesdepression

Surprising Risk Factors for Depression

Anyone can be diagnosed with depression, but what risk factors make a person more susceptible Depression and other mental disorders can ... tags: causes_of_depressioncause_depressiondepression_causesdepression_women:_depressiondepressive_disorderHealth_VideosMedical

Differences between Sadness and Depression

Everyone experiences sadness, loneliness and grief. Usually, these unhappy moods abate with good coping skills... and time. But when ... tags: depressed_mooddepression_diagnosisdepression_factsdepression_symptoms:_saddnessfeeling_depressedfeeling_sadHealth_Videos

Treating Bipolar Depression

The mental health of someone with manic depression relies, in part, on good bipolar depression treatment. Bipolar depression is different ... tags: bipolar_depressionbipolar_diseasebipolar_disorder_treatmentbipolar_moodHealth_VideosMedicalMedical_Videos

Treating Bipolar Mania

People with bipolar disorder should make an effort to get treatment for the mania phase of manic depression. Lithium is a medication that ... tags: bipolar_depressionbipolar_diseasebipolar_disorder_treatmentbipolar_maniabipolar_moodbipolar_treatmentHealth_Videos

Bipolar Disorder and Hypersexuality

A person who is bipolar may engage in risky and impulsive sex, or hypersexuality, during episodes of mania. This sexual behavior is by no ... tags: bipolar_effectsbipolar_symptomsHealth_Videoshypersexualhypersexualitymania_symptomsMedical

Bipolar Disorder and Suicide Risk

As many as 15 of bipolar sufferers commit suicide, and up to 50 have suicidal thoughts and attempt self injury or suicide. That's why ... tags: bipolar_depressionbipolar_effectsbipolar_suicidal_thoughtsbipolar_symptomsbipolar_teencommitdepression_bipolar

Treating Bipolar Disorder with Therapy

Working with a psychiatrist is one of the most common treatments for the depression and mania of bipolar disorder. Therapy can range from ... tags: bipolar_disorder_treatmentbipolar_helpbipolar_supportbipolar_treatmentHealth_VideosMedicalMedical_Videos

Coping with Bipolar Mood Swings

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings, from mania to depression and back again. Clearly, these bipolar symptoms can be ... tags: bipolar_depressionbipolar_disorder_symptomsbipolar_episodesbipolar_helpbipolar_symptoms:_episodesHealth_Videosjournaling